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1m Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (Male to Male) - Thunderbolt 2 Compatible

1m Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (Male to Male) - Thunderbolt 2 Compatible (Photo )

Latest spec DisplayPort v1.2 HBR2 for Ultra HD 4K @ 60Hz resolutions! Compatible with both Mini-DisplayPort and Apple Thunderbolt 2 ports for AV output.

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1m Mini-DP to DP Cable
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Latest spec DisplayPort v1.2 HBR2 for Ultra HD 4K @ 60Hz resolutions! Compatible with both Mini-DisplayPort and Apple Thunderbolt 2 ports for AV output.

Do away with fiddly adapters and hook up a purpose made Mini Display Port to Display Port Cable between your PC, laptop, or Mac and any full-sized DisplayPort compatible screen. By eliminating unnecessary connections, you can maintain the cleanest possible digital signal, and get away with longer run lengths and have less stress on cables. At 1 metre, this handy cable is extremely portable for when you have to take your gear on the go, and the moulded plugs and high quality construction will keep your audio and video signals protected.

It's also fully bi-directional, so if you have one of those rare displays that feature a Mini-DisplayPort input, you can still run it from a device with a full sized output. Pretty slick!

Compatible with all current HBR2 DisplayPort abilities including HD, 3D, 4K@60Hz, audio and more.

Product Specifications

  • 5 year Cable Chick Warranty
  • 1m Male Mini-DisplayPort connector to Male DisplayPort connector
  • Supports Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160) @ 60Hz!
  • Perfect for converting a Mini DisplayPort device for use with a DisplayPort screen
  • Fully bi-directional - convert up or down
  • Fully compatible with Apple Thunderbolt 2 sockets!
  • Nickle silver plated connectors for optimal signal transfer
  • 7.1 HD audio formats such True HD and DTS HD are fully supported
  • Mini DisplayPort plug: 10mm wide x 8mm high x 28mm long from cable end to connector tip
  • Full size DisplayPort plug: 20mm wide x 10mm high x 50mm long from cable end to connector tip
  • 21.60 Gbps bandwidth
  • Full support for HDCP ver. 1.2 and DPCP (Display Port Content Protection)
  • Colour: White with silver connectors

Thunderbolt Note: Our DisplayPort cables are not suitable for Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt connections, only Thunderbolt to DisplayPort.

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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
Mini DisplayPort (Male)
Connector B:
DisplayPort (Male)
White with Silver Connectors
Poly Bag
Cable Type:
1m Mini DisplayPort (Male) to DisplayPort (Male) Cable

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Posted: 2nd Sept, 2014
Question: Is this 4k compatible?
Answer: "Yes. All of our DisplayPort cables are VESA certified HBR (High Bit Rate) and support all of the current DisplayPort hardware features including 4K."
Posted: 11th Nov, 2014
Question: Do these cables do away with the need for an active adapter for a mini dp to dp monitor over AMD Eyefinity 6 monitor display setup?
Answer: "Active adapters are only required when converting to HDMI, DVI or VGA. These cables keep the DisplayPort signal intact, so there is no need for any active conversion of data. So long as your monitors are all DisplayPort ready, these cables are suitable for Eyefinity."
Posted: 17th Nov, 2014
Question: Will this cable support 5760 x 1080 output. I wish to use with MST Hub supporting 3 monitors?
Answer: "Yes! Our DisplayPort Cables will have no problem with a multi-screen display using 3 Full HD monitors attached to an MST Hub."
Posted: 12th Jan, 2015
Question: I am not sure if I purchased the right product ( DP5001).
I want to connect an apple Cinema Display monitor ( it has a male mini display cable attached) to a windows PC that has a female HDMI port) I purchased a double ended F/F mini display connector to attach the DP5001 cable. I thought this may work as the cable is bi directional .... Now I'm wondering if I actually need a converter. Any help with what I need would be great.
Answer: "HDMI isn't able to output a DisplayPort compatible signal on its own (even though the reverse is true). So Unless your PC has a DisplayPort output you can use, an Active signal converter will be necessary:"
Posted: 23rd April, 2015
Question: Is this cable DisplayPort 1.2 compatible and does it support version 1.1a ? Does this cable support resolutions up to 3840x2160 and 3D video running at 60hz?
Answer: "Our DisplayPort cables are HBR2 certified (High Bit-Rate v2) and support all DisplayPort 1.2 and 1.1 functions including 4K @ 60Hz, 1080p 3D, multi-channel audio, etc."
Posted: 16th June, 2015
Question: I have a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor that only has its full resolution @ 60hz on displayport (with hdmi on @30hz). I only have a mini displayport port on my graphics card, will this allow me 3440x1440 @60hz ?
Answer: "Yes - on shorter cables such as 1 - 2 m. On a 5m cable possibly not."
Posted: 9th Nov, 2015
Question: Hi Guys,

Just to confirm. With this guy, I extend my macbook pro display by plugging one end into the macbook thunderbolt port and the other into a standard monitor display port?

Answer: "That's exactly right. This cable is Thunderbolt compatible for direct video connections, and it will be plug-and-play with your choice of extended desktop or cloned desktop modes (configured by the Macbook Pro)."
Posted: 11th Nov, 2015
Question: Hi. Will this cable work with non apple computers. I wish to connect a Dell display with a mini-DP to a graphics card on a PC with a DP. Resolution required is: 2560x1600. Thanks?
Answer: "Absolutely. These cables have been tested extensively with Windows-based PCs up to 3840x2160, so they'll have no trouble working with your hardware. They just happen to be compatible with the Thunderbolt port Apple is using as well (for video)."
Posted: 30th Nov, 2015
Question: Hello: does this cable support full 4k @ 60hz?
Answer: "Yes, this cable will enable 4K resolution at 60Hz."
Posted: 7th Jan, 2016
Question: Hi, is this cable VESA compliant? and how many conductors does this cable have?
Answer: "Yes, our supplier is VESA-certified, and these Mini-DispalyPort to DisplayPort cables have all 20 pins connected, as verified by our multimeter."

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