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TOSLINK Cable - SPDIF Digital Optical Cable

TOSLINK Cable - SPDIF Digital Optical Cable

TOSLINK is the digital Audio standard for ultra high quality audio transmission, over fibre optic cable.


First developed in 1983 by Toshiba, the TOSLINK cable (also known as an SPDIF Digital Optical cable) is composed of an optical fibre cable with an SPDIF connector at either end. The name TOSLINK comes about simply from the conjunction of the two words “TOShiba-LINK” and is a registered trademark of the Toshiba Corporation. Generically a TOSLINK cable is called an SPDIF Optical Cable.

What is TOSLINK Cable Used For?

TOSLINK technology is commonly found in video and audio equipment such as CD Players, MiniDisc players, satellite dish receivers and DVD players. With the recent improvement to this technology S/PDIF Optical (aka Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format) can also increasingly be found on a range of newer Dolby Digital surround sound receivers.

How Does TOSLINK Work?

The TOSLINK cable uses a simple LED light to send a series of pulsating flashes to transmit binary code between devises. Typically high quality plastic fibres are used as the signals conductors, however quartz glass may also be used.

Are There Competing Technologies To TOSLINK?

Digital Coaxial cable is a competitor to the TOSLINK cable. Both technologies operate using similar principals in that they both transmit binary signal via pulsating signals. However, digital coaxial uses copper wire as the conductor of electrical pulses instead of pulsating light signals conducted through clear plastic fibres as is in TOSLINK cable.

TOSLINKs Relevance To Today's Technology

Often a TOSLINK or S/PDIF Optical Cable will be used in instances where interference is an issue as the TOSLINK cable is immune to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. However, TOSLINK cable is susceptible to damage if bent or incorrectly installed.

Recommended TOSLINK Cable Length

With recent advances in TOSLINK cable technology it now fairly common to find TOSLINK cable available for general consumer use in a range of lengths up to 15 meters. Beyond this it is recommended that a signal booster is used to maintain signal strength.

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