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Pro Series 5m Component to VGA Cable

Pro Series 5m Component to VGA Cable (Photo )
Pro Series 5m Component to VGA Cable (Photo )
Pro Series 5m Component to VGA Cable (Thumbnail )
Pro Series 5m Component to VGA Cable (Thumbnail )

This 5m Pro Series Component Video to VGA Cable has been designed for connecting a Component source (DVD, HD DVD, Blu Ray, Set Top box etc) to a Projector with switchable VGA/ Component input. Designed using UL2725 specifications complete with AL foil sheilding.

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5m Component to VGA Cable
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This 5m Pro Series Component Video to VGA Cable has been designed for connecting a Component source (DVD, HD DVD, Blu Ray, Set Top box etc) to a Projector with switchable VGA/ Component input. Designed using UL2725 specifications complete with AL foil sheilding.

Most DVD players have Component Outputs. Simply connect the 3 RCA into their respective sockets on your DVD player. Connect your VGA connector into the Projector and set the input to Component.

Please Note: This cable is pretty much only for use with projectors, it is not suitable for connecting PC/Computer VGA to normal TV's/Plasma component inputs and will not work connecting DVD players to Computer Monitors. It will only work when used to run a Component signal from a DVD player or Amplifier to a Projector (not a TV).

Component Video va RGB Video?
You may have heard two terms used for these cables either RGB Cables or Component Video Cables. This cable can be used for either. Component Video can sometimes be mistaken for RGB (because it's connectors are also Red Green and Blue). RGB is most commonly found on devices which have SCART connectors.

The two are infact two seperate video formats and are not compatible. This cable will work with both formats but it will not convert one to the other. You just need to make sure that both your source and display equipment are both the same format.

- 5 Year Cable Chick Warranty.
- VGA moulded plug to 3 RCA.
- Thumb screws for a secure connection.
- 5m Cable in Flexible PVC Jacket.
- 24 Karat Hard Gold Plated RCA's.
- Silver Plated VGA Plug.
- 100% shielded metal bodied plugs with positive finger grip & moulded cable strain relief.
- Recommended for digital or analogue signals.
- Colours: Black Cable with Pearl Silver Chromed and colour coded RCA Connectors.

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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
15 Pin VGA (D-SUB)
Connector B:
3 RCA Component Video
Black with Colour Coded Connectors
Cable Type:
5m VGA to Component Video Cable

(25th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Rose,
Start Quote Typical of all your products, the Pro Series 5m Component to VGA Cable did exactly what I needed it to do. It's very exciting really, because this conversion cable allowed me to connect the new Austar high-definition box to my projector. Not having an HDMI port on the projector, it meant thinking outside the square and running component video to the VGA port. I did expect at least some improvement because the VGA from my computer to the projector had been far superior to the S-video from the Austar box. But, I was absolutely blown away by how good the HD video turned out to be. I have been transported to another world! So, I can certainly recommend this product to anybody who is trying to achieve this specific purpose and imagine it would work wonderfully well for whatever outcome was desired. Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Richard,
Start Quote Recently I purchased the Pro Series 10 Metre Component Video to VGA Cable (Gold Connectors), it has worked perfectly. I am currently using a HP projector (xb31). After running the cable through the roof and connecting it to my AV receiver I was able to utilise the component output in the digital TV set top box as well as the DVD player. To do this I connected the VGA plug from the projector to the 10m cable using a 15 Pin VGA Coupler (Female to Female) and the projector recgonised the signal as component. Start Quote
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Posted: 11th Dec, 2009
Question: Would this cable be able to display foxtel on a LCD monitor?To plug into foxtel box and then the VGA connection in a LCD monitor?

Answer: "Sorry, no. This cable is only for use between component output devices eg. amps, DVD players and Foxtel to a projector, no other screen can handle the conversion."
Posted: 4th May, 2010
Question: Would this display a picture to a LCD monitor from a Play Station 3, if it was connected to a Play Station 3 component cable via a AV plug adapter? PS3 Component cable to AV adapter to this cable, then to VGA of LCD panel.

Answer: "Sorry no, this cable is only for use with projectors, it won't work on any other type of display device."
Posted: 24th June, 2010
Question: If this cable doesn't handle the conversion from component to vga monitor is there a way of doing it?
Answer: "Yes, you can use our Digitech Nintendo Wii Composite / Component Video to VGA Convertor to convert component signals to a proper VGA signal. This product can be found in the "Signal Converters" section of the site."
Posted: 15th Feb, 2016
Question: Does this cable convert RGB component video to true VGA video?
Answer: "No. This cable is for use with projectors which can accept YPbPr into a VGA socket - a common space-saving measure on many projectors, especially in the pre-digital era."

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