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1.8M DVI-A Male to VGA Male Cable

1.8M DVI-A Male to VGA Male Cable (Photo )

Clearing the air on VGA to DVI-A

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1.8m DVI-A to VGA Cable
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Clearing the air on VGA to DVI-A

The secret to our success isn't just providing cables at a discount, but going the extra mile to get the right cable into the customer's hand as fast as possible. We do this with equal parts education and advice, two things which are absolutely essential when considering DVI-A to VGA cables (also known as DVI to DSUB).

The important point to know is that DVI comes in three flavours: digital only, analogue only, and an integrated digital/analogue version. They all look very similar, but they aren't all compatible with other video signals. For instance, this DVI-A to VGA cable is only for analogue signals, which makes it incompatible with DVI-D and HDMI devices, but great for DVI-A, DVI-I and VGA devices.

All it takes is a quick check of your equipment or manuals against our helpful connector chart to work out if this is the right cable for you - your devices must be compatible with analogue signals for it to work. Some devices can do both, most only do one or the other.

Analog to Digial: If you're one of our many customers looking for a solution which can connect a VGA source to a digital DVI-D display, then check out the following signal converter: VGA + 3.5mm Stereo Audio to HDMI converter and add in a HDMI/DVI-D cable or adapter.

Still confused? Give us a call for the last word on what you really need - a quick conversation can save you the hassle of a return or exchange!

This Cable Features:

  • Cable Chick 5 Year Warranty
  • 1.8m DVI to VGA Cable (Bi-directional as a VGA to DVI Cable)
  • High quality construction
  • Compatible with DVI-A analogue devices and VGA devices
  • Bi-directional: DVI-A to VGA or VGA to DVI-A
  • Colour: Black and Grey with Gold Connectors
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
DVI-A Male 12+5 Pin
Connector B:
VGA Male 15 Pin
Black with Silver Connectors
Cable Type:
1.8M DVI-A Male to VGA Male Cable

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Posted: 22nd May, 2007
Question: I am wanting to connect compaq presario laptop via vga out (15 pin female connection) to a HDTV (Sony 70" rear projection) that has component input (Y,Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr jacks and audio L (MONO), R jacks.

I'm thinking your "1.8M DVI-A Male to VGA Male" cable would be suitable, or alternatively -

The HDTV also has a PC (i.e. a female VGA connector on the rear of the TV). In this case I take it a VGA cable, male output both ends would be suitable.

I'd be grateful for your advice?
Answer: "If the highest quality output on your Laptop is a VGA connector, the best connection to use would a high quality VGA (Male) to VGA (Male) cable."
Posted: 12th July, 2022
Question: For a dvi to vga cable, does it matter which end goes to which device. Eg. I have a workstation with a vga female port and a monitor with a dvi female port. Will this cable be suitable. I have seen an article that stated that it's best to have the dvi port on the computer and the vga on the monitor. I didn't think it would matter. Please respond?
Answer: "This cable will work in both directions however one thing to remember is that these cables are only compatible with analogue DVI-A devices (source or display) and aren't any good if one or both pieces of equipment are DVI-D digital only."

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