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Premium Component to VGA Cable 1.5m (Gold Plated Connectors)

Premium Component to VGA Cable 1.5m (Gold Plated Connectors) (Photo )

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This high quality RGB Component to VGA Cable (also known as a VGA breakout cable) is designed to connect component video sources to VGA Projectors!

Made of High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), the conductor has a very high conductivity, low signal loss and degradation and low electric resistance. All of these result in great signal transmission. Superior High-Density triple shielding technology will reject EM and RF interference, while gold plated connectors will ensure the best signal transmission across connections.

Note: This cable will not work for connecting Computers VGA outputs to Component Video sources, neither Component Video sources to Computer LCD displays via the VGA port, it is only suitable for connecting Component sources to Projectors with VGA inputs.

 - 5 Year Cable Chick Warranty
 - HDTV Compatible
 - 24k Gold Plated connectors
 - High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductor
 - Very Flexible design
 - High-density triple shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
 - 1.950mm insulation made of polymers of vinyl/chloride (PVC)
 - Colours: Black Cable with Gold Plated Connectors
Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
15 Pin VGA (D-SUB)
Connector B:
3 RCA Component Video
Black Cable with Colour Coded Plugs and Gold Plated Connectors
Blister Pack
Cable Type:
1.5m Premium Component RGB Video to VGA Cable

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Posted: 25th Feb, 2009
Question: Will this cable work from PC VGA out via video card to component in on a home theatre system with component out to the projector with component in?
Answer: "This cable is intended for using the Component OUT connection on devices such as:

* Blue Ray player
* DVD player
* Digital Set Top Box
* Gaming Console

... connected to a VGA Input on a projector.

The cable cannot be used in the reverse direction as it is not bi-drectional."
Posted: 7th May, 2009
Question: Hi there
Q. Are the connectors colour coded i.e. red, blue green etc

Answer: "Yes they certainly are. Although the actual connectors are silver, they have colour coded writing on them so you can tell which is which."
Posted: 11th Dec, 2009
Question: Would this cable be able to display foxtel on a LCD monitor?To plug into foxtel box and then the VGA connection in a LCD monitor?

Answer: "Sorry, no. This cable is only for use between component output devices eg. amps, DVD players and Foxtel to a projector, no other screen can handle the conversion."
Posted: 4th May, 2010
Question: Would this display a picture to a LCD monitor from a Play Station 3, if it was connected to a Play Station 3 component cable via a AV plug adapter? PS3 Component cable to AV adapter to this cable, then to VGA of LCD panel.

Answer: "Sorry no, this cable is only for use with projectors, it won't work on any other type of display device."
Posted: 24th June, 2010
Question: If this cable doesn't handle the conversion from component to vga monitor is there a way of doing it?
Answer: "Yes, you can use our Digitech Nintendo Wii Composite / Component Video to VGA Convertor to convert component signals to a proper VGA signal. This product can be found in the "Signal Converters" section of the site."

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