Published on 2nd March, 2015 by Cable Chick

Product Launch - Avencore Home Theatre Speaker Cable

Product Launch - Avencore Home Theatre Speaker Cable

High grade. Low price. Wire up you home theatre with confidence thanks to Avencore and Cable Chick!

Perfect match

Cable Chick is proud to announce a new range of Speaker Cable that's better than ever. Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Avencore, we now have great quality 99.9% oxygen-free copper speaker cable rolls available in both 16AWG and 12AWG to suit both entry level and high-end home theatre systems.

Easy to work with

Thanks to a lack of unnecessary over-insulation, Avencore 16AWG Speaker Cable is easier to manage than our previous stock, with a smaller bend radius for tight corners and narrow gaps - without compromising safety.

This makes it great for terminated wall plates and conduit as well as for direct runs both inside and outside of walls or through bullnose and brushed-entry wall plates.

Heavy gauge

The 12AWG option is essential for powerful systems running at high volume, making it just as handy for commercial use as it is for knocking the socks off your neighbours. With 65 x 0.254mm cores, it's too large for hardware with spring clips, but works great with banana plugs or spades.

High-gauge cable like this can also allow for longer cable runs when you need to pipe audio to the back of a long room.

5-Year Warranty

We like this cable so much we back each roll up with our 5-Year Cable Chick Warranty. It's made to last and does exactly what it says on the tin. What's not to love?

It doesn't matter what brand of system you have or how many channels you need to hook up. Avencore Speaker Cable offers the highest cost to performance ratio available. Take a look at the full specs on the individual product pages.

Check them out!Avencore Speaker Cable Roll

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