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Cable Chick's blogs contain useful guides, and tech info on all your favourite AV and computer cables, plus a useful guide for identifying what cable or adapter you need. If you're trying to identify what kind of cable, connector or adapter required for your device, our Ultimate Guide to Cables & Connectors is essential reading. We've laid out a visual reference for most video, audio and computer plugs + sockets, so you can visually identify the plug/socket you have, to work out the cable/adapter you need!

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The Video Media Graveyard
Published 22nd Nov, 2023
The Video Media Graveyard
In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entertainment, certain media formats have risen to prominence only to fade away with the passage of time. Either the result of being superseded by a leap forward in technology or beaten by a comparable competitor, the transition from one dominant format to another has been a long recurring theme in the history of media consumption.   Read More
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