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2 Way Foxtel Splitter (F-Type Coaxial Splitter)

2 Way Foxtel Splitter (F-Type Coaxial Splitter) (Photo )

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2 Way Foxtel Splitter (F-Type)
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Spread the Foxtel love!

This Foxtel approved 2-Way Signal Splitter is the easiest and most cost effective way to split your incoming Foxtel signal to multiple Foxtel boxes! This splitter uses a simple analog F-type coaxial design, so it can also be used to split the signal from your aerial or any F-type coaxial cable or device.

Features include a durable, all-weather aluminium casing, silver coaxial connectors, protective caps for connectors when not in use and screws for mounting on a wall or the side of a house! Now you can push your Foxtel through to two rooms of the house, or jury-rig an extra antenna cable to a room with no aerial wall plug. An easy DIY solution.


  • 5 Year Cable Chick Warranty
  • 1x Female F-Type Coaxial input, 2x F-Type Coaxial outputs
  • Frequency 5 - 2400 MHz
  • Through Loss: < 5Db
  • Robust Weather-Proof Aluminium Casing
  • Protective Caps
  • Easily mounts to wooden surfaces (screws provided)
  • Colour: Silver
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
1x F-Type Coaxial (female)
Connector B:
2x F-Type Coaxial (female)
Poly Bag
Cable Type:
Coaxial Splitter

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AV Inputs & Outputs - Understanding the Flow of Signals
AV Inputs & Outputs - Understanding the Flow of Signals
Written on 29th Oct, 2014 by Cable Chick
Knowing how data moves between your home entertainment components is an important first step to troubleshooting problems and connecting new devices.   [Read More]
Posted: 13th Nov, 2014
Question: Can I use this splitter to split incoming foxtel signal before the iq box to take straight to another tv. I realise
I will have to watch whatever is on the main tv ( iq box )?
Answer: "This product splits the coaxial connection coming in from the street. If you have a second box subscription (two separate Foxtel boxes) then you can connect them both to the Foxtel socket in your wall.

It is also able to split the signal from a rooftop antenna to send free to air TV stations to two TVs with built-in tuners, or a TV and a PVR, etc."
Posted: 5th Jan, 2015
Question: Could I use this to split between foxtel IQ and my cable broadband modem? If I do, will there be any signal loss?
Answer: "Yes! The Foxtel side may need a filter (available from Foxtel) to ensure there's no interference, but our F-type splitter definitely has the frequency range to cope with both broadband internet and digital Foxtel services coming in on the same cable. We would recommend double checking with Foxtel and your ISP, as their installer may provide a filter and splitter when connecting your services."
Posted: 30th March, 2015
Question: I have only one cable coming into apartment for Foxtel I can't get free to air or bein sports unless I swap cable over is ter a splitter box I can use?
Answer: "Sure! We have a simple 2-way Foxtel-compatible splitter available here:

If you wanted to connect more than one TV for Free-to-Air channels, we also have 4 and 8 way splitters:"
Posted: 30th March, 2015
Question: I have a single cable coming into the house I just bought as well as a FTA antenna. Will one of these allow me to get FTA as well as foxtel?
Answer: "Yes, this splitter can separate Foxtel and Free to Air."
Posted: 5th May, 2015
Question: I have a Foxtel outlet in my living room, which I will be using for cable internet, I won't be subscribing to Foxtel). Can I connect the 2 Way Foxtel Splitter to this single Foxtel outlet to service both my cable modem and tv for Freeview free to air?
Answer: "We haven't had any hands-on experience with a Freeview receiver, but if it connects directly to a Coaxial wall socket for internet access, then this splitter should be perfect for the job. Please check if this is the case, as your Freeview box may connect to your broadband modem via ethernet, not the F-type cable internet wall socket.

We list it as a Foxtel splitter because it has the frequency range to handle Foxtel signals, but it works equally well for splitting all types of F-Type coaxial signal, including free to air RF data from antennas and also cable internet, etc."
Posted: 27th Jan, 2016
Question: I have an Austar HD satellite box with two antenna inputs. When we travel we take the box with us but only have one antenna cable from the satellite dish. Can I use this splitter to give me two inputs for the one box?
Answer: "Absolutely. This splitter supports all RF signals including FTA, Foxtel and Austar. Just like at home, you'll get both tuners running for simultaneous watching and recording and similar features which require both tuners."
Posted: 3rd May, 2016
Question: Is it possible, with this splitter, to work in reverse? I have a single outlet in the media room but the Foxtel box require two. One for fox and other for FTA. Can this be used to join 2 into a single cable to the media room and then split it again back to two?
Answer: "No, this adapter is only suitable for duplication of a single signal. Mixing two RF signals together would make them unrecoverable."
Posted: 2nd June, 2021
Question: I just moved into an apartment and the NBN is plugged into the socket, could I use this to plug in both my NBN and my Foxtel?
Answer: "Yes. This splitter is suitable for both NBN and Foxtel, assuming both services have been activated to the property on the same coaxial installation."

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