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10m Ultra HD 4K/60Hz HDMI Cable with Integrated Signal Booster

10m Ultra HD 4K/60Hz HDMI Cable with Integrated Signal Booster (Photo )
10m Ultra HD 4K/60Hz HDMI Cable with Integrated Signal Booster (Photo )
10m Ultra HD 4K/60Hz HDMI Cable with Integrated Signal Booster (Thumbnail )
10m Ultra HD 4K/60Hz HDMI Cable with Integrated Signal Booster (Thumbnail )

With the added peace-of-mind that an integrated booster chipset brings, you can rest assured of effortless 4K/60Hz support as well as other HDMI 2.0 features like HDR, 1080p@144Hz and many more. Ultra HD 4K at 60Hz has never been easier!

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10m HDMI Cable with Signal Booster and 4K@60Hz Ultra HD Support

Regular Ultra HD at 30Hz may be fine for Blu-ray and streaming, but when it comes to gaming content and HFR films, 60Hz support is critical for enjoying the full experience of the source material. Thanks to an integrated signal booster, you can enjoy full Ultra HD content at 60Hz over a whopping 10 metres with this rugged cable!

Previously the exclusive realm of optical hybrid cables at high cost, now you can enjoy HDMI 2.0 spec compatibility without breaking the bank. As you can imagine, this opens up high framerate support for lower resolutions, like 1080p@120Hz - a great option for PC gamers with high-end monitors far from the GPU.

A tiny chipset built into an otherwise regular-sized HDMI cable takes the 5v current from HDMI sources and uses it to 'reset' the TMDS channels so it can run longer distances without worry. This latest-tech booster is 4K60 compatible and ready to rock-and-roll in your computer, console or home theatre setup.

HDMI Cable Features & Specifications:

  • 5 Year Warranty by Cable Chick!
  • This is a 10m Directional HDMI Cable, with an integrated signal booster chipset
  • High performance High-Speed HDMI with Ultra HD support
  • Clearly marked "Source" and "TV" plugs work with monitors and projectors, too
  • Suits resolutions including 1080p@144Hz, 1440p@100 and 2160p(4K)@60Hz
  • Shipped within One Business Day!!!
  • Colour: Black
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
HDMI Male 19 Pin
Connector B:
HDMI Male 19 Pin
Black with Gold Connectors
Cable Type:
10m Boosted 4K/60Hz HDMI Cable

(12th Sept, 2011)
Product Review by Stephen,
Start Quote I purchased another couple of Cable Chick's cables, having been very satisfied by my previous online experiences with them. One was a basic quality 2m HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable and the other was a Premium 2m HDMI Cable (HDMI v1.3b Certified). I wanted a basic cable for a second STB and the premium cable for my PVR and TV setup... and I can't resist shiny connectors! The shielding on the premium cable is thicker than on the basic quality cable, but as it costs more, that's expected. And the connectors are a step up in class as well, but one's choice depends on what one wants in a cable. Both cables do what they are supposed to do. Although my plasma monitor is pre-HDTV, it can process 1080i/720p signals via down-scaling. I replaced the existing component cables with the Premium HDMI cable and was surprised when there was a slight improvement in an already good picture. So I'd recommend either of these cables, with the Premium HDMI cable having more shielding and higher aesthetics, if that appeals to you. And as usual, Cable Chick's service was first class! Start Quote
(13th May, 2011)
Product Review by Rosemarie,
Start Quote What can i say. A HUGE THANK YOU to the best store online. I ordered my 1m HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable on Monday afternoon; and received it today Wednesday morning! The service is just fantastic. This is the only place to shop for all cables needed. I have purchased other cables from Cable Chick and have been very happy with them. And I knew this purchase of the HDMI will be good as well. If you are wondering about buying from Cable Chick, take it from me - you can't go wrong. If you are not sure ask them in an email or phone. They are great in helping you out! Start Quote
(5th Jan, 2011)
Product Review by Vassili,
Start Quote I have recently ordered a set of cables from Cable Chick, to be used for setting up our second home theatre system. This is the second home theatre system I've set up, as well as a home-built PC, using cables ordered from The cables were of a hight quality for a fraction of the cost of buying the same cables at an electronics store. I was able to get all the cables I needed for the system, from Cable Chick, including 3 HDMI cables, a 3.5mm audio to AV cable, a coaxial cable and a TOSlink cable for around $110, including delivery, which is still less than the rip-off merchants at electronics stores are asking for a single HDMI cable (around $120), and it all came with a free shirt :) The quality of the cable seems to be as good as the cable they were selling at Harvey Norman and Good Guys for $120. The only difference was that the cables I bought did not have protective metal mesh, which we don't need since we have no pets which could chew through the cable, however before we bought the cables with the protective metal mesh and they, and the other cables we bought were still a higher quality and cheaper than the ones sold at Harvey Norman and The Good Guys. We quickly received an invoice through e-mail, as well as updates for the status of our order, which was reassuring that our product was being sent to us soon. The order came in two business days, which is a very timely manner compared to other Australian e-tailers, with all the cables intact, well-packaged and with a free T-shirt included. Very happy with the products and service, will definetely recommend to my friends if they are in need of cables. Start Quote
(5th Nov, 2010)
Product Review by Jim,
Start Quote I ordered two of these cables at 11:17 am and received an email advising that the order had been shipped at 12:02 pm – that’s only 45 minutes after I placed the order! I received the package the next day in regional QLD. That is FANTASTIC service. And, the cables work perfectly well and are exactly as described on the web site. In addition, as indicated, the communication from CableChick was more than prompt – it was basically instantaneous. The ordering process was simple and straightforward – more than I can say for most web sites I shop at, and I shop online a lot! Well done CableChick! This isn’t my first order from you and it certainly won’t be my last! Start Quote
(5th Nov, 2010)
Product Review by Ismail,
Start Quote The product itself is working fantastically well running from the HDMI output of my laptop into the DVI input of my monitor. It feels and looks like a solid, well made cable of a high quality. I'm a web and print designer, so I need to have a perfectly balanced and accurate picture on screen at all times, and this has delivered. Lastly, the guys/girls over at Cable Chick were fast not only in their delivery (next day), but genuinely helpful and polite. I can't recommend them highly enough for their products, but also their outstanding service. Start Quote
(5th Nov, 2010)
Product Review by Max,
Start Quote I have bought three cables from Cable Chick each time the cables have arrived under 48 hrs.I live in Adelaide so you cant get better than that. The cables have been for my Blu Ray DVD player and computer I now get full HD when I play Blu Ray DVD. I will be buying more cables soon to set up another TV and DVD player, had to buy a new mobile phone so the cables will have to wait for a couple of weeks,what I saved on cables from Cable Chick would have paid for my new mobile. Will recommend Cable Chick to anybody buying cables. Start Quote
(5th Nov, 2010)
Product Review by Tim,
Start Quote I came across Chick Chick through Google, when I was looking for an extra long HDMI cable for the new theater room I am building.. It didn't take me to long to find what I was looking for. The 10m HDMI cable was just what I was looking for. I ordered it at 3 on the Monday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived at 12 the following morning. Thought this was great as I live in Townsville... Awesome service and products... Start Quote
(27th Sept, 2010)
Product Review by Mathew,
Start Quote I received your email following up to make sure I received my product on time and that I'm happy with it and I have to say, I ordered 3 x 2m HDMI cables on Saturday afternoon and I was surprised to see them arrive by lunchtime Monday! Very happy with the product AND service, I will definitely be shopping with you again and be recommending to my friends to do so as well. Start Quote
(27th Sept, 2010)
Product Review by Nick,
Start Quote I have ordered a few products from the Cable Chick website now and my products have always arrived in amazing time, the next day, it's crazy. So far I have had no problems at all with any of my cables, all work perfectly and at a fraction of the price from any mainstream store how could you go wrong. The packaging is awesome, I have ordered from other online sites and payed so much more only to have it damaged due to inadequate packaging. I have ordered HDMI to HDMI, HDMI to DVI, Ipod USB (So good) and am about to redo my media setup and planing out what I'm going to need, all I know is that there is 1 place I will be buying my cables from. Start Quote
(24th Sept, 2010)
Product Review by Megan,
Start Quote My mother recently purchased a new TV and was in need of some HDMI cables. I found Cable Chicks prices to be unbeatable and there service, fantastic. My cables arrived with a couple of days of payment being made and I have absolutely no complains. I will definitely use them again in the future. (Oh and the Minties were a nice bonus). Start Quote
(2nd July, 2010)
Product Review by Paul,
Start Quote For the past couple of months, I have tried everything to make a 22 inch monitor connect to my laptop. Both being relatively new products, I could not understand why the correct resolution would not display. I was quite frustrated, to say the least, and after installing the latest Windows and returning the monitor to the supplier, it still didn't work. I had practically given up. I recently bought the 1m HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable to plug the laptop into my new flat screen television. It arrived promptly at 9.30am the next morning, after only ordering it the afternoon before. Amazing! So fast and prompt. A colleague of mine suggested I try the cable between the monitor and the laptop instead of using the old VGA cable. I didn't think it would make any difference, but it worked! Instantly the laptop picked up the correct resolution, the model and brand of the monitor. It works like a dream! I cannot believe after all these months of fiddling around that all it needed was this HDMI cable. We were about to send the monitor back a second time! So thank you very much Cable Chick for your HDMI cable. I can now use my monitor correctly which is great. I am going to order a second one for home. Start Quote
(31st March, 2010)
Product Review by Peter,
Start Quote I recently required a HDMI cable and was quoted $200 from a Harvey Norman store. I found Cable Chick online and started my own research. I rang the office to confirm some technical points and was very impressed with the honest advice. I purchased the same quality product as well as an Optic Fibre cable and had them delivered the following day for a total of $77. I live 2000 km’s from their office so this was great. I was extremely impressed and have already started looking into other cables etc that I need. I won’t buy from anywhere else now. Start Quote
(5th March, 2010)
Product Review by Rob,
Start Quote I recently purchased 2 x 10 metres lengths of high quality HDMI cabling (for internal wall routing in two terraces I am currently constructing in Sydney) from Cable Chick. Ordering on-line was made very simple, and their website made navigation - right from product enquiry through to finalising the purchase - a hassle free process. My order was delivered within the timeframe that was committed to, and in excellent condition. Thanks Cable Chick … for at least making one element of the building process really easy ! Start Quote
(2nd Feb, 2010)
Product Review by Klara,
Start Quote I stumbled across the Cable Chick site from an article I read on overpriced HD cables. It recommended Cable Chick as the place to go online and thought I would give it a try. Not only did I save money on my HDMI cable but the service was excellent. Not to mention the very prompt delivery. Will definitely use Cable Chick from now on!! Start Quote
(2nd Feb, 2010)
Product Review by Mark,
Start Quote Just wanting to thank you for the great service, and great product. Before buying the 2-Port HDMI Switch Box, I mistakenly bought a similar cheaper product on ebay. It did not work, so I looked at my options with the Cable Chick. Ordering was easy, postage was speedy, and item was well wrapped. Most importantly, item performed exactly as advertised, and my AV problem is solved. Thanks Cable Chick! Start Quote
(1st Feb, 2010)
Product Review by Dave,
Start Quote Hi - just wanted to say that I received my order (2 x HDMI cables and a 15 PIN monitor cable). Not only were the items shipped quickly (less than 2 days), the cables were of an excellent quality at about a 3rd of the price if I had purchased from a retail store. I have already passed your site details onto 3 of my friends. Start Quote
(25th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Jim,
Start Quote Recently I purchased an HDMI to DVI cable as well as an HDMI to HDMI cable. The cables arrived within 24 hours and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the cables as well as the outstanding service. I have recommended Cable Chick to my friends and family and I will be purchasing more cables from Cable Chick soon. Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Vaughan,
Start Quote I was tired of paying outrageous prices for good quality HDMI cables, until I found Cable Chick. For the price of one cable from anywhere else, I got three from Cable Chick! And these cables aren’t poor quality either – the picture looks perfect! I found the Cable Chick staff to be really friendly and the free Velcro cable ties came in real handy. I also must thank you for the free gift voucher towards my next purchase! I’ve never received this kind of service or attention to detail before. I will definitely be back! Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Brian,
Start Quote I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from cable chick. I placed my order at 3:54 in the afternoon and I received my 10m HDMI cable the next morning.I can also confirm that the quality of the cable is outstanding. All this talk of expensive HDMI cables is rubbish. I bought my 10 metre cable for the same price a friend of mine paid for a 2 metre cable and there is no difference in picture or audio quality. Thanks for the great service. Until I need my next cable...... Start Quote
Going The Distance - A Guide to Maximum Cable Lengths
Going The Distance - A Guide to Maximum Cable Lengths
Written on 11th Nov, 2013 by Cable Chick
Some cables can run twenty metres. Some top out at five. In this article, we examine the limitations on a variety of common formats, and what the pitfalls are to breaking through the length limit barrier.   [Read More]
Posted: 6th Nov, 2006
Question: I've been told that I should only buy HDMI cable which is ceritified. Are your cables HDMI certified?
Answer: "All of our cables are specifically manufactured to meet Australian standards in consultation with the relevant QLD government authorities. Our manufacturing manager has 18 Years experience, so he knows his products :)

Our basic range of HDMI cables are not officially certified as they are manufactured and sold direct to reduce costs.

However, our Silverline series of HDMI cabes are all certified while still being very competitively priced.

Personally, I have been using a 10M HDMI cable from our basic range for some time now on my projector, and I have enjoyed a flawless digital image."

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John, VIC
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Customer Testimonial
"My order arrived promptly, in good condition and worked perfectly. What more can I say? I'm totally satisfied and would definitely recommend Cable Chick to my friends and colleagues."
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