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Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz)

Premium UHD 4K HDMI Switcher & Splitter with Audio Extraction - 4 Inputs to either/both Outputs

Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Photo )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Photo )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Photo )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Photo )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Thumbnail )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Thumbnail )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Thumbnail )
Avencore Halon Series HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter (Supports Ultra HD 4K@30Hz) (Thumbnail )

Connect any one of multiple Input sources, to multiple Outputs with these powerful Matrix Switches!

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The best just got better! Affordable Ultra HD 4K HDMI True Matrix switching is here with Foxtel support!

This Premium Ultra HD True Matrix Switch enables ANY of the 4 HDMI Inputs, to be displayed on EITHER or BOTH of the 2 HDMI Outputs, when used with 4K compatible HDMI cables. Supporting 3D Video & Audio @ 1080p/60Hz, plus glorious Ultra HD 4K x 2K Resolutions of 3840 x 2160p/30Hz! Audio output is via HDMI and additionally available in Digital TOSLINK Optical, Digital Coaxial and Analog 3.5mm Stereo formats. Note: Dolby Digital Plus is not supported.

Whether you're equipping a home theatre, fitting a shop with the latest in point-of-sale displays or planning to set a club up with video running round-the-clock, the Avencore Halon series 4x2 UHD 4K HDMI Matrix can take the headache out of wiring and control logistics. With the ability to take up to four HDMI inputs and share them between two displays in any configuration, you can ensure gap-free disc changing or push-button component swapping in a multitude of situations. HDMI switching and splitting has never been so convenient!

Simply plug in all your inputs and outputs, switch them on, and use the included remote to tell which devices go to which televisions - whether it's sharing or splitting, you'll be getting the absolute best in HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 1.2 compliant audio and video to and from every component, from 576p DVD playback through to 4K@30Hz Ultra HD streaming content. The SPDIF and stereo audio outputs are tied to Output A, and make hooking up a separate receiver or sound system a breeze.

Finish that off with a rugged metal case with non-slip feet, Gold Plated connectors on all ports and a 12 month Cable Chick replacement warranty, and you've got a complete, professional package at a bargain price. Suitable for home theatre and light commercial applications.

Please note: Due to content protection issues, this product is not compatible with AppleTV. Compatibility with FOXTEL IQ2 has been confirmed as of May 2016.  Dolby Digital Plus is not supported.

In the box, you'll find:

  • Ultra HD 4K 4x2 True Matrix HDMI Switch / Splitter with:
    • 4 x HDMI 1.4a High-Speed Inputs
    • 2 x HDMI 1.4a High-Speed Outputs
    • Audio Output via 1x TOSLINK, 1x Digital Coax & 1x 3.5mm Stereo Audio Outputs
  • Wireless IR Remote Control (Battery included)
  • 240v Mains Power Adapter
  • User’s Manual


  • 12 Month Cable Chick Replacement Warranty
  • Advanced Remote Control for easy switching between Inputs and Outputs
  • Full HDMI 1.4a compliance (4K@30Hz max)
  • HDCP 1.0/1.1/1.2 compliance
  • VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA/UXGA, HDTV up to 3840 x 2160 UHD Resolution
  • Measures just 192(W) x 83.5(D) x 26mm(H) and Weighs only 450g
  • Heavy-duty Metal Casing
  • Can be used for DVI-D Switching with adaptors or HDMI to DVI Cables (not included)
  • Not compatible with DisplayPort to HDMI cables or adapters
  • Solid black metal casing with non-slip rubberised feet
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
No. Inputs:
4x HDMI Inputs
No. Outputs:
2x HDMI Outputs + D&A Audio
Switch Method:
IR Remote Control
Remote Control:
Retail Box
Switch Type:
UHD 4K HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter

There are no customer reviews yet for this product.
Posted: 8th Sept, 2014
Question: When sending the signal to BOTH outputs, how does the source determine/merge the audio and video capabilities of the two outputs? My display doesn't support DD/DTS 5.1 audio, but my receiver doesn't support 3D or 4K?
Answer: "The Matrix uses EDID Minding to negotiate the lowest common compatibility between the source and connected displays. This means that trying to send 3D content to a 3D screen and a 2D screen is likely to get you 2D on both. Audio may be handled a bit differently to video, so it would depend more on the abilities of each specific make and model of device - but it could be set to a lower standard at the source if the default handling was not perfect for all devices."
Posted: 27th Oct, 2014
Question: Can you switch different inputs to each output simultaneously?
Answer: "Yes, any of the four inputs can be directed to the outputs simultaneously - the same image can be on both screens, or a different image on each, at the push of a button."
Posted: 9th Feb, 2015
Question: Will Blue Ray movies from a PS4 (with HDCP on) and from a computer Blue Ray DVD player, pass through this item or the non 4K version?
Answer: "Yes. We've never had any trouble with Blu-ray content coming from consoles or video out of computers when working with this Matrix. Most of our testing is done with Blu-ray movies on a PS3 and they always work great!"
Posted: 24th March, 2015
Question: Will I be able to switch output to a Dell Desktop Monitor 1920 x 1200 32 Bit Colour OR TO A Samsung Series 6 3D 40 inch TV with the unit detecting the change down in resolution automatically from my PC without needing to manually reset the resolution on the PC?

I found that a splitter wouldn't work and causes the TV screen image to not display correctly and flicker?
Answer: "Unfortunately in this configuration the PC is in control of the output resolution, so it will always have to make the change. A better method may be to use any secondary digital video output from your PC if you have one spare, or add one with a USB to HDMI adapter (code SW8710) which will allow you to set resolutions independently for both monitors."
Posted: 7th April, 2015
Question: Can US NetFlix be split. I currently play via a MacBook Pro to a Samsung UHD 4K TV without problems but want to play the audio out through an additional Toslink to SPDIF connection. Is this your best solution to do this or is there another, please?
Answer: "Your MacBook Pro may already offer Toslink output from its headphone jack depending on the year model. Alternatively you could use a more compact HDMI audio extractor (product code SW5191) or perhaps your Samsung TV has an SPDIF option to choose from. If you have a $8.99 or higher subscription package, you can already stream to two displays (directly to your Smart TV) and a splitter would not be necessary."
Posted: 13th July, 2015
Question: Hi will this product support all the latest audio formats including atmos?
Answer: "Yes. Dolby Atmos requires HDMI v1.4 or better hardware, plus a special Atmos-enabled AV receiver. This Ultra HD 4K splitter is HDMI v1.4a compliant, and will pass through the full audio data plus meta-data required for Atmos. However, the SPDIF outputs offered on the Matrix will not support Atmos."
Posted: 17th Sept, 2015
Question: I want to run a pair of projectors, with one being on the left and one on the right, and images stretching across both. I also want to be able to change between one computer and another, simultaneously. ie, running a video on one, then changing to a camera feed through the other. can this support this function? I am running two 1920x1080 displays on it. I suppose my main question is if the device can have the displays as a left and a right one, or if it can only duplicate the displays?
Answer: "This True Matrix can support up to four inputs. Which means you can use two computers, and each computer can be connected via two cables for separate video feeds (same as a multi-monitor setup from a single PC, only doubled). The Matrix than then switch and/or split these feeds, delivering any one or two signals to the projectors.

However, this Matrix cannot take a single link from one PC and give it extended desktop mode across both projectors. All video links must be on their own cable, so the PCs will need two compatible video outputs available for full flexibility."
Posted: 28th Sept, 2015
Question: Does this product support 3D.
Answer: "Yes. 3D Blu-ray formats are supported by this unit."
Posted: 21st June, 2016
Question: Hi what is the digital coaxial input used for? Am i able to connect my tv coaxial cable to the box and distribute the television signal to both output tv's?
Answer: "The Digital Coaxial connection is for audio output only, so that you may connect a sound system which can receive the audio moving through the matrix without interfering with the audio embedded in the HDMI signals."
Posted: 1st August, 2016
Question: I only have a HDMI 1.3c compatible cable - it's it 30m long due to room distances - will this device work with this cable (I know I won't be able to get 4K resolution) but just want to know this cable will be compatible even though it is not $K?
Answer: "Absolutely. All newer-version HDMI hardware is able to work with v1.3 hardware, and is happy to use older cables, too. It will work as well with 1080p video as it does with 4K."
Posted: 14th Dec, 2016
Question: Is there a rack mount kit available for this switch?
Answer: "No. This unit does not have a rack mount accessory."
Posted: 26th June, 2017
Question: Will this work with 3 consoles (xbox one, 360, ps4, and a PC) outputting to a computer monitor and a TV? No HDCP issues with the consoles / games?
Answer: "Yes. This matrix switch won't have any issues with gaming consoles. In fact most of our testing is performed with a PC, xBox 360 and/or PS3 console playing blu-ray movies."
Posted: 12th March, 2019
Question: Does this unit successfully extract Tosling audio from a Telstra TV2?
Answer: "Although we've not been able to test this ourselves, we've not received any reports regarding incompatibility from Telstra TV customers."
Posted: 12th March, 2019
Question: Will this matrix operate with:

- TiVo

- AppleTV

- Foxtel

Answer: "Compatibility with Foxtel IQ2 has been confirmed by us as of May 2016 and we've heard good reports with the Foxtel IQ3 and IQ4. However this product does have reported compatibility issues with Apple TV and no information is known regarding TiVo compatibility."

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