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2m IEC Y-Splitter Power Cable (2x IEC-C13 Female to AU Mains Plug)

2m IEC Y-Splitter Power Cable (2x IEC-C13 Female to AU Mains Plug) (Photo )

Dual screens is where it's at with this IEC Power Splitter Cable!

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Dual screens is where it's at with this IEC Power Splitter Cable!

This is the perfect accessory for your new dual-monitor setup, or your new dual monitor desk mount, or to simply run two monitors from the one mains outlet. Why fill up plugs on your power board when today's super-duper LED/LCD flat panel computer screens draw so little energy?

This Australian Mains to 2 x IEC Y Splitter cable makes cable management a breeze - plug into one power point, run it up the desk and conveniently split to two monitors. It can be used for more than just a couple of displays, though. For example you could have a computer and a screen, or a couple of printers hooked up the same way. But be forewarned, high-end gaming rigs with beefy power supplies are not going to like sharing power!

A lifesaver for any home or office looking for a neat and efficient way to cable up a workstation. And if 2 metres isn't long enough, just throw on an IEC extension!


  • 5 Year Cable Chick Warranty!
  • 2 Metres of cable
  • Australian AC Mains Male to 2x IEC-C13 (Female) plugs
  • 40cm from Power Plug to Y-Split
  • 1.6m from Y-Split to IEC (each)
  • 3.1 metres Maximum distance between IEC-C13 Power Connectors
  • Basic, compact design
  • Easy-grip plug design with strain-relief
  • Suitable for home or commercial use
  • Not suitable for high-power devices
  • Colour: Black
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
2 Metres
IEC Power Lead

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Question: Will each plug deliver full mains power (I.e. 240v 10A) or is it split? Whats the difference between using one of these vs an extension cable and two kettle plugs?
Answer: "There is no electrical difference between using a double adapter and two IEC cables and using this splitter cable. The main advantage of the Y splitter cable is for easier cable management and aesthetics. Typical residential electrical installations will have numerous 10A socket outlets on the same 20A (or 16A) circuit breaker, so you are almost always sharing power, especially if you are coming off a power-board. Even the largest monitors don't draw 240V~10A, so there is no appreciable advantage or disadvantage."

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