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15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) + FREE SHIPPING!

Run two displays in Mirrored or Extended mode from a single DisplayPort socket!

15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) (Photo )
15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) (Photo )
15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) (Photo )
15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) (Thumbnail )
15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) (Thumbnail )
15cm DisplayPort Splitter Cable - MST Hub (Extend & Mirror) (Thumbnail )

This MST Hub (Multi-Stream Transport Hub) allows two monitors to be connected in either mirror or extend modes from a single DisplayPort DP++ source device socket. Featuring High Bit-Rate 2 mode (HBR2), you can extend a single Ultra HD 3840x2160p desktop @ 60Hz accross two monitors on supported hardware*!

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More Monitors = More Fun!

This MST Hub (Multi-Stream Transport Hub) allows two monitors to be connected in either mirror or extend modes from a single DisplayPort DP++ source device socket. Featuring High Bit-Rate 2 mode (HBR2), you can extend a single Ultra HD 3840x2160p desktop @ 60Hz accross two monitors on supported hardware*!

Here's a great little compact adapter that will empower your DisplayPort PC or Laptop for even greater flexibility and productivity. If you're running out of screen real estate and don't have a spare DisplayPort socket for your second monitor, this adapter will bridge the gap.

Enjoy your choice of a mirrored/cloned desktop, or an extended desktop by utilising the magic of Multi-Stream Transport (MST) on DisplayPort v1.2a hardware. This HBR2 (High Bit-rate 2) compatible cable can keep up with all the current DisplayPort abilities, including 4K@60Hz**.

* Not compatible with Radeon VII cards.

15 centimetres of lead to the MST Hub gives you plenty of clearance for other adapters and cables near your video card or DisplayPort socket, and it doesn't matter what type of computer or operating system you have - this cable works on the DisplayPort standard and requires no special software or drivers.

Setup Instructions

  1. Connect the Male DisplayPort end to the DP++ compatible socket on your computer
  2. Using a Micro USB Cable (sold separately), connect the DisplayPort MST Hub to a powered USB port (a computer, TV or a wall socket USB charger will do)
  3. Connect from each output on the MST Hub to your two displays, using either DP to HDMI, DP to Mini-DP, or a DP (Male to Male) Cable
  4. Now your connection is setup, simply configure the displays via your computer's display properties

A Micro-USB connection is required for additional power (Micro-USB cable not included)

Tested configurations:

  • 1440p QHD + 1440p QHD = Pass
  • 1440p QHD + 1080p FHD = Pass
  • 4K UHD + 1080p = Pass
  • 4K QHD + 1440p = Fail**

Product Specifications:

  • 5 year Cable Chick Warranty
  • 15cm Male DisplayPort Male to dual female Displayport sockets
  • Supports Mirroring and Extended Desktop Modes
  • Supports a total resolution of 4K@60Hz* (Requires compatible DisplayPort 1.2/a source)
  • Can be used with a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter for compatibility on Mini-DP Sockets
  • Micro-USB socket for additional power (cable not included)
  • 17.28 Gbps Data tranfer rate (HBR2)
  • Full Support for HDCP v1.3 and DPCP (Display Port Content Protection)
  • Compatible for using DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI Cables or adapters on each output
  • Compatible with DP++ hardware for VGA and HDMI output (adapters sold separately)
  • Key sets for DP/HDMI RX and TX integrated
  • Supports 1080p 3D & 1080p @ 240Hz for DP and HDMI specifications
  • Audio formats up to 24bit / 192KHz supported
  • MyDP Supported (adapter not included)
  • Not compatible with Radeon VII cards
  • Splitter Head Dimensions: 63 x 60 x 15 mm
  • Colour: Black with Silver Connectors

*Hardware Note: Your existing video graphics adapter must meet the DisplayPort hardware specifications you intend to use for this splitter to perform all its functions. Older graphics cards or mobile graphics chipsets not capable of MST will not be compatible with this splitter.

* Not compatible with Radeon VII cards

**This HBR2 splitter will not run dual 4K monitors. Maximum second monitor resolution with a 4K screen attached is 1080p.

Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
DisplayPort (Male)
Connector B:
2 x DisplayPort (Female)
Black with Nickle Silver Connectors
Cable Type:
15cm DisplayPort (Male) to 2 x DisplayPort (Female) Splitter

There are no customer reviews yet for this product.
Posted: 27th Jan, 2015
Question: Is this compatible with HP EliteBook 8440p?
Answer: "HP don't mention any specific level of support for DisplayPort on the EliteBook, so it's hard to know what version of hardware they've implemented, and therefore, what its specifications are. They do state that the maximum resolution from DP is 2560x1600, which, along with the release date of the 8440p in 2010, suggests that is does not have the bandwidth capability to run dual screens with an MST adapter. Unfortunately we can't give a firm answer without being able to test it."
Posted: 3rd Feb, 2015
Question: Does this device contain active streaming untis for passive pass thou, or are active DisplayPort to DVI adapter is required for legacy displays?
Answer: "Only DisplayPort v1.2 hardware with MST is supported by the device. DVI, HDMI and VGA adapters are also supported by the splitter when connected to DispalyPort v1.2 hardware."
Posted: 11th May, 2015
Question: Could I use this to support a 3 monitor set up? i.e. One monitor from one DVI/VGA port and two monitors from a second port with this splitter?
Answer: "Yes. We have tested this successfully using the DisplayPort Splitter cable to run 2 x 1440p displays, then DVI to a third screen. VGA and/or HDMI are also able to be used instead. We found our hardware was limited to 3 displays maximum at a time. Other motherboards and video cards may have different limitations.

The DisplayPort source must be v1.2 compatible."
Posted: 12th May, 2015
Question: Can I connect 2 PC computers to 1 single monitor using this Display Port splitter ? All 3 units are using the Display Port plug?
Answer: "No. This splitter only works to connect one PC to 2 monitors."
Posted: 27th May, 2015
Question: I have a displayport v1.1 on my work PC. I want to connect 2 monitors that are exactly the same.
I've read that v1.1 will still handle multi monitors if they are all the same resolution/refresh rate.
Can you confirm if this adapter will work on v1.1 at all?
Answer: "DisplayPort v1.1 hardware does not support MST, which this adapter requires to function. MST (Multi-Stream Transport) was introduced with DisplayPort v1.2."
Posted: 4th June, 2015
Question: Does this work with MacBook Pro?
Answer: "Yes, but I would recommend our new Mini-DisplayPort Splitter adapter instead. It is Thunderbolt compatible for DisplayPort video/audio and can plug directly into your laptop:"
Posted: 3rd Sept, 2015
Question: Hi can i connect this in reverse. so from 1 computer with 2 graphics cards but each of the graphics cards will be used 1 at a time and not even during the same windows session as we will have dual boot computer and each boot scenario will only use 1 graphics card. Thanks?
Answer: "Unfortunately we can't test this function, but our knowledge of DisplayPort hardware would suggest this is NOT possible, as MST operations are one-way."
Posted: 17th Sept, 2015
Question: I've got a laptop plugged to a dock - diplay port connection and want to extend the laptop to 2 other screens (3 in total including laptop itself) is this possible?
Answer: "Generally, yes. However, we have seen some docks, like those for the Microsoft Surface Pro, not offer full DisplayPort features via the dock connection. Please check your user manuals and documentation to check that: 1) Your dock supports the required number of displays, and B) your laptop can handle the combined resolution of all three displays.

Generally for laptops the maximum screen resolution for triple-screen displays is 1080p each, but this can vary between make and model."
Posted: 23rd Sept, 2015
Question: Does this splitter run the two monitors at 144Hz?
Answer: "Most likely not. We don't have two 144Hz monitors to test with, but our findings with 4K @ 60Hz suggests that the bandwidth limit of HBR2 DisplayPort would not be able to handle more than one monitor at 144Hz. For example, 1440p@144Hz requires much more bandwidth than 4K@60Hz, which means most 144Hz monitors will need a dedicated DisplayPort socket to operate at their full potential."
Posted: 3rd May, 2016
Question: Does this work with MacBook Air with thunderbolt2 ?
my MBA version is late 2014. i am sure my MBA 's port is thunderbolt2?
Answer: "No. This splitter has the full size Displayport plug rather than the Thunderbolt-compatible Mini-DisplayPort plug. MST functions are also not fully supported on Mac systems, so only mirror mode is available at this time."
Posted: 18th July, 2016
Question: Will it support a macbook (late 2009) with 2 x AOC 22" displays?
Answer: "It will likely only offer mirror mode (clone/duplicate) as most Mac systems of this era do not support extended desktop MST modes."
Posted: 19th Oct, 2016
Question: I have a Dell XPS13 laptop. I would like to connect 2x 24" monitors with this displayport. I want to confirm that the displayport will do that by connecting to one of the USB ports on the laptop. Is there anything else I need to get? Any other cables?
Answer: "The current model XPS13 does not have a standard DisplayPort socket for use with this MST hub. It uses the new USB Type-C connector with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility which can usually be adapted to work with DisplayPort devices. We haven't been able to test with a Dell ourselves, but the MST hub above may be combined with a Type-C adapter (Product code USB3153) and maintain functionality - the MST hub will still need power from another USB to operate, of course."

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