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Product Launch - USB to Ethernet Adapters

Product Launch - USB to Ethernet Adapters

Get connected to a wired network or broadband modem using USB.
What not to buy


Beware the impostor.

This article is about true Ethernet adapters that emulate a network card for full USB-driven access to a local area network or router. The picture on the right here is an impostor, a super-compact USB to RJ45 connector that needs a twin at the opposite end to work (and then only over short distances for limited applications.)

Stay Portable.

USB to Ethernet Adapters are becoming an essential accessory for Windows-based tablets like the Microsoft Surface and other ultra-portable netbooks and super-thin laptops. These narrow devices can't house a bulky RJ45 socket, and many only cater for wireless connections out of the box. With a our USB to Ethernet converters, you can have a wired connection whenever you like - for fast data access, video streaming or simply to avoid drop-out during critical transfers.

Network Expansion.

Another use for these helpful adapters that often goes unnoticed is their ability to connect to a second network. If you desktop PC is wired into the main network, but you need quick access to another device or network, then a USB to Ethernet adapter can offer a quick fix without needing to reset or forget your IP, Gateway and DNS settings.

The Beast: USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter plus Hub.

Our top of the line adapter combines the super-speed of USB 3.0 for a true gigabit-speed link with the versatility of a USB 3.0 device hub. This means that while the adapter is connected, you'll have even more USB 3.0 sockets available for your flash drives or wireless keyboard dongle.

While still limited to the top speed of your host device's USB socket, the Hub and Ethernet controller can operate simultaneously and still give you great data rates. Check the product page for dimensions and current pricing!

The Beastie: USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter.

For more basic needs, our single-purpose USB to Ethernet adapter is a good rough-and-tumble bit of kit to keep in your laptop bag. It can struggle along at 10/100 network speeds for emergencies, and it's a good pairing for older generation Windows-based computers that don't support USB 3.0. A great accessory for when your built-in network card breaks down - I've had an NIC fail without warning and it's no fun at all!

USB to Ethernet Network Adapters

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