Published on 5th May, 2014 by Cable Chick

Product Launch - VGA True Matrix Splitters

Product Launch - VGA True Matrix Splitters

Multiple source/display configuration for VGA systems up to 1920x1440 WQHD with stereo audio support.
Display Configuration ExamplesMultiple Input & Multiple Output.

Cable Chick has always enjoyed a healthy crop of HDMI matrixes, but now we're catering to analogue formats with our new VGA switch/splitter hybrids. With a True Matrix, you can configure multiple sources to display on multiple screens in any configuration you want to meet the requirements of changing situations.

Quad HD 1440p.

Analogue VGA doesn't mean yesterday's resolutions, either. Both the 2x2 and 2x4 support beyond 1080p Full HD to a whopping 1920x1440 on supported displays. This ensures maximum compatibility with VGA systems; well above general consumer standards.

For Work or Play.

Whether you're running screens in a bar or restaurant and need to be able to configure which sporting event plays in which room, or you have a computer system which needs to output to multiple displays, our VGA Matrixes are perfect. With added audio support alongside every video stream, you can hook up discreet systems and control them all from one button panel.

Built tough.

With a metal chassis and dedicated power input, both VGA True Matrix units can cope with anything you throw at them, including longer than normal cable runs. Of course, super-long VGA cables limit bandwidth and may lower your potential resolution, but the signal is boosted from the Matrix outputs to ensure the best quality picture possible.

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VGA True Matrix Switch Splitter


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