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Product Launch - USB Charging with Anker PowerIQ

Product Launch - USB Charging with Anker PowerIQ

Save time with our new selection of Anker USB charging stations with Power IQ.

Turn your charging speeds up to 11.

Anker 40W 5-Port USB ChargerIt's customary in articles of this nature to start small and work up to a big finish, but today we're putting our best foot forward with Anker's 40-Watt 5-Port PowerIQ-enabled USB Charging Station. Aimed at families who struggle to get all their devices charged simultaneously at the end of every day, the 40W charging station can deliver as much as 8 Amps of power across its five ports (up to 2.4 Amps per port), and each and every one of them has Power IQ technology behind it.

The 40W Anker USB charging station can have all 5 of its ports connected at the same time - including high-draw tables and phablets! - and shares its considerable output abilities to give you the quickest charges no matter what you throw at it. It also has the customary overheat/overload protections just in case you manage to stress it out, but in our tests this behemoth hasn't faltered a all. It's compact, it's well built, it's been designed for the modern age of mobile devices and it's sure to be a hit in your home or office. Check user reviews online to discover how Anker took the USA by storm!

Power IQ LogoWhat is PowerIQ?
PowerIQ actively detects what devices are connected and chooses the fastest charging profile possible to suit it. It knows its iPhones from its Androids and its handsets from its tablets, and can cut your charge times in half* simply by delivering as much power as your device can handle safely.
*compared to standard aftermarket chargers.

Bringing things back a notch.

Anker 25W 5-Port USB ChargerIf the Anker 40W USB Charging Station exceeds your needs, it has a younger brother in the from of the Anker 25W USB Charging Station. It still has 5 USB Type-A charging ports, but this time only two are PowerIQ-enabled. These two main ports are also capable of delivering up to 2.4Amps each, but with a grand total of 5 Amps overall.

In comparison with the larger unit, the 25W option is best when you need to charge fewer devices at once, or want to keep the Power IQ sockets free for emergencies or tablets, and just use regular 'overnight' charging on your daily-use handsets.


The 25W model is the same physical size as the 40W unit, and provides the same level of build quality and reliability, except with simpler internals and more restrained power handling specifications. Great for individuals and couples who don't have too many devices to charge at once!


Simplicity personified.

4-Port USB Charger 2.1AAnker products are well and good, but when you don't need the benefits of PowerIQ ports and multi-device charging, there's a pretty penny to be saved on less fancy - but equally reliable - chargers. Our 4-port USB wall charger plugs directly into your mains outlet and provides a quintet of charging sockets.

Power output is limited to 2.1 Amps across the four ports, so charging several high-draw tablets at once is out, but you can leave your charging cables plugged in all the time and simply connect one or two devices as needed for overnight charging or a quick boost before you walk out the door.

This charger is a low-cost option that excels at charging a couple of small mobile phones at once or a single high-draw tablet or phablet at a time. Great for hiding behind your night stand or keeping at the office!

Power on the move.

Power Bank & Mobile USB ChargerLast but not least, there's the wonderful world of Power Banks on offer that allow you to take an extra charge (or several) with you wherever you go. Great for travelling on business or holiday, a power bank can store energy like a rechargeable battery, but offers one or two USB outputs for your devices.

Best used for mobile handsets, GPS units, media players and even tablets on some of the larger models when out and about. They can also come in handy during power failures, so long as you keep them topped up from time to time.

Cables matter, too!

Don't forget that the length and quality of your USB cable can also affect charge times. For the absolute best results when charging devices, always opt for the shortest possible cable. We stock a Dual-Mode Fast-Charging Micro USB cable which can achieve 1Amp output even on regular aftermarket adapters, but any regular USB cable up to 1 metre - including the one which came with your device - should benefit from the fast-charging abilities of the USB Charging Stations above.

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