Published on 2nd April, 2014 by Cable Chick

Product Launch - Ultra HD 4K HDMI Splitters

Product Launch - Ultra HD 4K HDMI Splitters

High-bandwidth splitters are now available! Meet the essential tech for running multiple displays.
Ultra HD 4K SplittingA new era in 4K.


Soon, everyday consumers like you and me will be able to watch movies in a format that comes very close to reproducing the same standard modern feature films are recorded in: 4K Ultra HD. For digital cinemas, the 4K resolution clocks in at 4096 x 2390 pixels, but for home theatres, we'll most often see the 3840 x 2160 standard. Both of these formats require a staggering about of bandwidth to maintain (even at 24 frames per second) offering 4 times the pixel count as 1080p HD.

Massive bandwidth.

This quadrupling of video resolution can be handled quite easily by a modern HDMI cable, but for situations requiring multiple displays and long distance connections (eg: tv/projector combinations or commercial displays over 10 metres from source) specialised hardware is required that can handle the information.

The solution.

Cable Chick now stocks two Ultra HD ready HDMI splitters. Available in both 2-Way and 4-Way, they can accept a HDMI input from a 4K source and deliver the same image to multiple displays simultaneously. Both units are fully HDMI 1.4 compatible, up to a resolution of 4096×2160@30, down through 3D and high-frame-rate 1080p. That means they can keep up with the current (as of 2014) generation of Ultra HD displays.

The future.

When HDMI 2.0 reaches the marketplace in a few years, even more bandwidth will be required to reach the 60 frames per second the industry is shooting for, but while we wait yet again for that to hit consumer-level pricing, these splitters are on the cutting-edge and are the best way to show of the latest and greatest display technology in your home, office or retail setting. 

4K Ultra HD - 4 times the resolution of regular HDTVs.

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