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Product Launch - Pure Acoustics 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

Product Launch - Pure Acoustics 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

Hearing is believing when it comes to home theatre speakers, but you don't have to spend a fortune to fill a room with crystal clear audio.
Pure Acoustics Spark 5 & Super Nova 8Premium Brand.

Pure Acoustics has been around for twenty years, and they are now stronger than ever. With a focus on quality control and reliability, they have evolved their low-cost speakers of the past into incredibly well balanced all-rounders equally at home in a listening studio or a home theatre.

Understated but attractive designs allow Pure Acoustics cabinets to be placed in practically any room of the house without compromising aesthetic or getting in the way of established decor. Versatility in both looks and audio performance make Pure Acoustics one of the only choices for Cable Chick - premium sound at a pleasing price!

Loudspeakers. Small speakers.

Why pay for gaudy, oversized speaker cabinets when all you need is enough oomph to bring music and movies to life for a handful of people in the living room (and with a little extra volume potential for the occasional party)? Both the Spark 5 and the Super Nova 8 sets are understated in size, with the taller Super Nova front towers measuring in at just under 110cm. Packed inside these cabinets are a phalanx of 6.5" mid-range drivers, backed up by silk dome tweeters. Even without a dedicated subwoofer, both sets pack enough punch to upset the neighbours if you're so inclined. But where they really shine is in general use - regular listening levels offer superb clarity from both sets regardless of source type.

Gaming, music and film are all equally at home on Pure Acoustics. Whether you're enjoying a bit of alone time or entertaining guests, there's nothing quite like a matched set to bring your favourite sound to life.

Matched 5.1 Surround Sound kits.

Both the Spark 5 and Super Nova 8 Pure Acoustics packs come in matched sets of 6 speakers. Two front towers, two rear bookshelves, a centre and a sub in each. Excepting very large home theatres with multiple rows of seating, 5.1 is the best investment for a consumer-level speaker configuration. It offers compatibility with the default audio tracks on all major DVD and Blu-Ray releases, and an incredibly immersive surround-sound experience. Compared to a 7.1 system, you're also saving on wiring costs and opening up a greater range of cost-effective amplifier and/or audio receiver options. Both the Spark 5 and Super Nova 8 are 8-Ohm sets, so you'll have no trouble powering them - if you already have a good amplifier you won't need a new one.

Connections to the 5 main speaker cabinets are made by bare wire, while connection to the subwoofer can be RCA coaxial to the low-level connection or bare wire to the high-level spring clips. If you're wiring a new house or haven't had a surround sound set before, we stock both speaker wire by the roll and subwoofer RCA cables in a wide range of pre-made lengths.

Spark 5 Close UpOptions.

The Spark 5 set offers an all-black cabinet and grille with some silver accents if you remove the cloth frames. This design will blend in with just about any room, whether they're going in your bedroom, garage or home theatre. The matte finish and subtle texture holds up well to minor wear and hides dust better than most other finishes.

The Super Nova 8 set offers faux wood veneer in Cherry red, which lends a natural sense of luxury to the cabinets (the colour is similar to Teak). The fascias are gloss black under the cloth grilles, so remember to keep a dusting cloth nearby to keep them looking as sharp as possible when company arrives.

2015 Update: The Spark 5 and Super Nova 8 speaker sets have since been discontinued by the supplier and are no longer available.

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