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Product Launch - Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Product Launch - Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Incredible portable sound doesn't have to cost a fortune!
Premium Bluetooth Speaker with Optional 3.5mm InputAs the size and price of laptops, tablets and media players plummet, the first thing to go is typically audio quality and volume, and it's not always practical to plug in a pair of headphones or run a larger sound system


That's why we love our Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. It offers great quality music for hours on end and can be paired with just about any audio source.

Powerful 40mm Driver.

The upwards-facing Neodymium speaker is pointed directly into a soft cone which spreads audio in 360 degrees for maximum clarity no matter your position. This 3 Watt RMS driver has a very good mid-range and just enough bass to give your music the kick it needs.

Volume to spare.

All speakers of this size go louder than they should, so cranking the volume will introduce some distortion, but at regular listening levels on a solid surface the results are impressive. If headphones give you a headache and the speakers in your PC or monitor can't handle your tunes, this is a great low-cost upgrade for home and office environments.

Wireless / Wired / Card Reader.

Bluetooth v4 pairing delivers quality compressed audio without any wires at all. That takes care of pairing with your smartphone, tablet PC or just about any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

If you don't have Bluetooth or want to avoid compression altogether, the included 3.5mm cable supports a direct connection to any auxiliary output or headphone jack. That takes care of all the MP3 players and stereo systems.

Finally, if you just want an all-in-one MP3 player, you can load your own Micro-SD card (up to 32gb) into the TF slot and play your music directly using the control pad on the top of the dome.

Trendy, modern design.

Light Pulse EffectThis white orb looks at home on any desk, with a slender, elegant neck and soft-touch controls. Hidden in the diffuser cone is a pulsing light which cycles colours whenever it's active. It has enough weight to keep itself steady on any flat surface, with a non-slip base for extra grip.

The on/off switch on the bottom of the unit ensures you can keep charge as long as possible, and the whole unit measures just 10cm cubed so taking it with you on holidays or business trips is entirely possible.

Isn't it time you upgraded your portable audio?

Check out the full specs and purchasing information here:

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