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Product Launch - Folding Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Product Launch - Folding Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Come and say hello to the best-sounding lightweight Bluetooth headphones yet.

Rechargeable Folding Bluetooth HeadphonesFoldable Design, Flexible Features.

Versatility is the catch-cry of the gadget generation. It's not enough that our gizmos are portable, compact and capable; they also have to be stellar multi-taskers.

With this demand in mind, our newest Bluetooth headphones are packed full of features while remaining lightweight and comfortable. They tick all the boxes you could ask for, and come in at just the right price point to make them a true bargain for their tech-savvy target market..

Bluetooth Wireless Pairing

The focus of any modern wireless headset is the technology that drives the connection from your media device to your ear. With Bluetooth v3.0 on board, these headphones are capable of pairing with the latest mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones & Tablets and even Bluetooth-enabled PCs, Laptops and Ultrabooks.

Basically, if your device can play audio via paired Bluetooth device, these headphones can connect in a matter of seconds - it only takes one button! ...and furthermore, they'll connect to practically any other audio source via the included detatchable 3.5mm stereo audio lead!

Quality Folding Bluetooth HeadphonesPerformance

Specifications for these headphones rival those of wired headsets, with two 40mm neodymium drivers (one per ear) and up to 6 hours of play time based on your listening volume and connection quality.

But with a 2.5 hour charge time (via the includes USB cable) and 30 days of standby power, you'll rarely be without your new best friend. Add to that the ability to plug in a 3.5mm stereo cable for direct playback in passive (wired) mode, and you can keep enjoying your media long after the batteries are flat!

Sound quality is exceptional for a pair Bluetooth headphones, with a little extra bass and crisp high end giving you a well rounded audio experience which does well for all types of music and movies. We've seen a lot of headphones come and go, but these are definitely up there among the best sounding for under a hundred dollars.

Of course they're not going to knock a $300 pair of Beyerdynamics or Sennheisers off their perch, but we much prefer their sound over the Beats brand offerings.

Folding Bluetooth HeadphonesComfort

They may not be as fluffy as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but the soft padded ear cups and springy headband sit very comfortably on small to medium sized adult heads. Even those of us in the office with large noggins were pleased with the fit, but they may wear out their welcome faster if you're a bit plus-sized.

The basic control buttons on the right ear cup allow you to take control (when in Bluetooth mode) of volume, plus skipping forwards and back on most media and music apps. You can also accept and reject incoming calls with a single button, and while the microphone is serviceable the focus here isn't on taking calls.

Finally, the whole thing can fold up neatly for transport, with just enough flex to keep them safe in your luggage without being floppy and unmanageable when worn.

The Last Word...

If you're after a low-cost Bluetooth headset to pair with your smartphone or tablet when doing chores around the house, commuting to and from work or maybe even working out at the gym, these are a must have.

We fully back these as a smart buy for anyone who likes their music but hates being tethered with a cable!

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