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Product Launch - Avencore Coiled USB Cables

Product Launch - Avencore Coiled USB Cables

Meet the exclusive new lineup of Avencore Coiled USB cables - only at Cable Chick!

USB WiresAnother Cable Chick Exclusive

Hot on the heels of our Avencore speaker cable rolls, Cable Chick is introducing a new line of curly USB cables!

These great cables compress 1.5 metres of high quality copper wire into a 20cm coil, with a nice tight spiral for maximum flexibility and versatility. Averaging only 12mm in diameter along the coiled section, these cables can fit into all sorts of tight spaces without compromising performance. Slim plugs also help keep bulk down allowing all Avencore coiled USB cables to be used with netbooks and tablets without blocking other ports.

Avencore Coiled USB cables are available in Type-A Male to Male, Type-A Extension Male to Female, Mini-B 5-pin Male to Type-A Male and Micro-B 5-Pin Male to Type-A Male. Links below!

Save on frayed nerves

There's nothing quite like the frustration caused when everyday objects misbehave, and dealing with tangled cables or spending time coiling them up can be a real irritation. Luckily, Avencore's coiled USB cables make it easy to get up and go; perfect for travel or commuting with your devices.

Made from high quality materials and offering the best possible data and power transfer speeds for their length, the Avencore Coiled USB cable range are all USB 2.0 standard, with their cables finished in a matte texture to hide rough treatment. Compatible with all USB devices from keyboards and mice through to GPS units and phones, they can do all the things a traditional cable can.

Curly cables = stretchy cables

The most useful feature of a curly cable is its ability to remain neat at varying lengths. Starting at around 20cm to 25cm at rest, each curly cable can comfortably stretch to 50cm, or extend all the way out to 1 metre and still spring back to its original state!

Avencore Coiled USB Cable Stretch

This is good news for keeping loops of cable out of the way, or for when equipment needs to be moved around regularly without unplugging. Keep one in the car for your Mp3 player or pop one in your camera bag so it's always ready to go!

Browse the range here!

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