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Product Launch - LED/LCD Multimedia Projectors

Product Launch - LED/LCD Multimedia Projectors

Meet the new low-cost projectors that have just arrived at Cable Chick!

When it comes to getting a big picture in your home theatre, nothing offers a better dollars-per-inches ratio than a good projector. We've just launched our new product line with two new projectors that offer some of the best price-to-performance ratios around. Let's go meet them!

Avencore LED Projectors - OpticsLED Lamps.

Both of our new projectors feature high-performance LED lamps, which offer a pure white source light with less heat and longer life than conventional bulbs. The AVC800 model gets up to 50,000 hours of rated use, so you have as much as five non-stop years worth of playtime on the one lamp. The AVC480 model is rated for up to 20,000 hours of lamp life, which is over two years of continuous use under optimal conditions. Both of these ratings give you plenty of bang for buck.

Replacing the lamps is possible, but not something we'd recommend to a novice user. Basic maintenance like lens and vent cleaning is all you'll need to undertake during your time with these babies!

Compact size.

The AVC480 is especially handy when it comes to portability. Unlike 'pocket-size' projectors which don't have the resolution or power to be anything more than a novelty, the AVC480 can easily display all your multimedia content at a decent size with a form factor only 30cm by 25cm by 9cm. While it won't go in your laptop bag, it's definitely something you can take with you for presentations both private and professional.

The AVC800 is a bit bulkier at 32cm x 26cm x 12cm, but it's a small price to pay for double the lumens and a much higher native resolution. At 3.3kg, it's much easier to handle than even a 30-inch flatscreen TV!

Standard and High Definition Options.

Speaking of native resolutions, the AVC480 works at a 'low' resolution of 800x480 pixels. This makes it good for DVD content, slide shows, retro gaming and other standard-definition tasks. However, you can easily feed it 1080p content if you wish, and it will downscale automatically for best picture. This may be a far cry from modern Full-HD options, but for non-critical tasks like point-of-sale advertising, guest rooms and childrens' play areas, it's a great alternative that will save you a lot of money both up front and in operational costs.

If you're after something with a little more kick, the AVC800 offers HD resolution at 1280x800, easily covering 720p content for use with gaming consoles and Blu-ray. Just like its smaller brother, it can accommodate 1080p inputs and downscales automatically. When you consider the generous array of inputs it offers, the AVC800 is a prime contender for the main display in a fully decked-out home theatre. This is definitely a viable option as a television replacement.

Avencore LED Projectors - InputsScreen size.

When it comes to replacing a television with a projector, size matters. And both the AVC480 and the AVC800 offer very good screen sizes and focus ability. At their maximum, they can achieve screen sizes of 90" and 135" respectively. These massive screen sizes do have their drawbacks, like very long throw distances and visible pixel spreading. However, toning things down to more respectable levels (around the 80" and 120" mark) will net you a great balance between size and clarity. To source a television of the same dimensions, you're looking at an outlay thousands of dollars above the asking price of even the AVC800!


Before making them available for purchase, we spent a lot of time with both of these projectors to ensure that they performed well. We expected a lot less from projectors at this price, so we've been very pleased with what they can offer. The AVC480 shines in applications where resolution doesn't matter and a truly dark room can be achieved, while the AVC800 is fully-featured, HD-ready and has a much brighter lamp. Both offer HDMI and USB inputs as well as stereo audio out and can be leveraged for many applications both at home and in the office. Each projector's product page has the full details and specs tables for you to compare. Why not acquaint yourself today?

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