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Approved Suppliers - Answers

Approved Suppliers - Answers

What is an "Approved Supplier"?
Cable Chick has A LOT of suppliers. Some are good, some are great, most are excellent, but even excellent won't get you on our "Approved Suppliers" list, it's very exclusive. It takes a lot of trust on our behalf to have a supplier ship an item directly to our customers. So when you see the "Approved Supplier" mark on a product, you know you're getting the absolute best.

Approved Suppliers are special third-party companies who carry special-order stock we can't fit in our warehouse. They have the products and the logistics to cover segments of our industry we want to sell directly but can't. In practice, Approved Suppliers function similarly to a drop-shipper, but the Cable Chick difference is that these are for hand-picked, top-quality items that we stand behind. They are exclusively Australian-based, so lead times and delivery times are as low as possible.

Why not just order directly from our supplier? We negotiate better pricing on the item(s) and/or the freight charges than you can get at retail.

I purchased one of your "Approved Supplier" items. When can I expect it to ship?
As soon as your order has been paid for, we'll place a special purchase order directly with the Approved Supplier. They will dispatch your order from their warehouse directly to you. This process usually happens within a couple of hours but can sometimes take a (business) day or two at most. Once dispatched, they'll let us know the tracking details and we'll pass them on to you.

What happens when I place an order with a mix of regular Cable Chick items and "Approved Supplier" items?
We'll simply ship the Cable Chick items from our warehouse with our usual super-fast efficiency . Only the items in the order coming from an "Approved Supplier" will go by a separate freight service. The two consignments probably won't arrive together, and larger items may just take a little longer to get to you than smaller ones.

What happens when I chose to click and collect an "Approved Supplier" item?
It will be delivered to our store, and we will contact you when it has arrived.

Please note that bulky items like server cabinets which arrive on a pallet will require you to bring a suitably sized truck and/or lifter. We cannot provide loading or transport for any Click and Collect orders. If you choose to have Approved Supplier goods made available for Click and Collect, the best we can do is provide a safe area for you to load it yourself. Our staff cannot assist with heavy lifting.

Can I return an "Approved Supplier" item if I change my mind about buying it?
Cable Chick and our Approved Suppliers do not deal in used goods. Excepting grounds for a warranty claim, change-of-mind returns are not permitted for Approved Supplier goods. Under extenuating circumstances, and where the customer arranges for and pays the full freight cost, and a 25% restocking fee, plus the unsubsidised cost of the original freight service, we may authorise a return on a case-by-case basis within 7 days of purchase.

Because of these limitations and costs, we encourage customers be careful when selecting goods provided by an Approved Supplier. Once freight has been booked for dispatch, it is too late to cancel, change or return these goods without incurring the above costs and fees. If you are in doubt about the suitability, functions or purpose of large goods, please consult us before purchase.

Can I cancel a "Approved Supplier" order if the order hasn't shipped yet?
Once we submit a purchase order with the Approved Supplier, which can be the same day you place the order, there is a very small window where a cancellation can be made before the freight service is booked. Always phone us directly to ensure the cancellation can be made. Emailing us or leaving a message will not always ensure prompt action is taken. We cannot take responsibility for missed messages for such important actions.

If the goods are have been booked for dispatch, it is at the discretion of our Approved Supplier to determine if a cancellation can be made without incurring a fee. If a fee is payable (in such a case as all or part of the freight charge is not recoverable), it will be deducted from your credit or refund.

Goods shipping directly from the Cable Chick warehouse can be also cancelled up until the order has been scanned and a dispatch confirmation sent.

My "Approved Supplier" item arrived damaged, can I get it fixed or replaced?
Yes. You are welcome to reject delivery of goods which arrive clearly damaged. The freight company will help arrange a replacement.

Please contact us within 7 days of delivery confirmation if you discover the item arrived damaged after accepting delivery. It is your responsibility to check the condition of all items upon delivery, even if you don't plan on using or installing them immediately. Damage which occurs after the goods are in your posession can not be covered. The safe storage, installation and use of goods is the customer's responsibility.

Can "Approved Supplier" items be shipped to a PO Box, Parcel Locker, Locked Bag Address or be left unattended?
No. These items are shipped via freight companies that are not accepted by Australia Post. They need to be delivered to a physical address where someone will be available to sign for the delivery. Approved Supplier goods cannot be left unattended. If you or a suitable representative are not on-site to accept the delivery, redelivery costs may be incurred. Cable Chick is not liable for any fees arrising from delivery complications outside of our control.

Can "Approved Supplier" items be shipped via Express Shipping?
Generally speaking, no. If you do need an "Approved Supplier" item urgently please contact us. Depending on the item we may be able to organise faster shipping, however, there is usually a significant cost involved, especially for larger items. We have negotiated special rates for the first shipment of goods to customers using standard freight services. Any changes or upgrades to the standard service (if available) will incur additional fees.

Additional contact information supplied to "Approved Suppliers"
In addition to the shipping information necessary for delivery, Approved Suppliers occasionally require your contact information for difficult or unusual deliveries, or if something goes wrong. In these situations, upon request from the supplier, we will provide your contact email address, phone number, or both. This information is covered by the privacy policies of the individual third-parties, which conform with Australian privacy standards. Your details will not be used for any means other than facilitating the one-time delivery.

Did we forget something?

If you have further questions about Approved Suppliers or the policies surrounding purchasing goods from Approved Suppliers, please Contact Us.

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