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MHL Adapter (5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter)

MHL Adapter (5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter) (Photo )
MHL Adapter (5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter) (Photo )
MHL Adapter (5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter) (Thumbnail )
MHL Adapter (5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter) (Thumbnail )

This 5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter lets you use 5-Pin MHL Cables, which are designed for older phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S2), on newer phones with an 11-Pin MHL Socket, including the Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

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Got an older style 5-Pin MHL 1.1 Cable which doesn't work on your new Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or Galaxy Note 2? Well this little adapter is for you!

Please note that this product is an Adapter for 5-Pin MHL (1st Generation v1.1) Cables to work on newer phones which require MHL 1.2+ connections (2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation). This MHL Adapter requires a 5-Pin MHL Cable, HDML Cable and Micro USB Cable to work.

This 5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Adapter lets you use 5-Pin MHL Cables, which are designed for older phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S2), on newer phones with an 11-Pin MHL Socket, including the Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

Sometimes new tech is fun and exciting, and sometimes it's just plain confusing :( Take for example, when Samsung decided to release the Galaxy S3 phone, and change the Micro USB socket from a standard 5-Pin connection, to an 11-Pin configuration. The socket doesn't look any different to the naked eye, and your old Micro USB cables will work just fine for Sync and Charge operations... but if you wanted to connect one of tose fancy new MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) cables for HDMI putput, you'd need a new 11-Pin MHL cable.

So that's exactly where this nify little MHL Adapter comes in. If you've got a 5-Pin MHL Cable, design for products like the Samsung Galaxy S2, then this adapter will let you use that MHL cable with a newer Samsung phone or tablet.

Known Compatibility with the following devices (When connected together with a 5-Pin MHL 1.1 Cable)

  • Samsung GALAXY S3
  • Samsung GALAXY S4
  • Samsung GALAXY S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014+ Models only - SM-P6xx)
  • Samsung GALAXY Note 2 10.1 (some models)
  • Samsung GALAXY Note 3
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Active
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 (8.0 & 10.1)

NOTE: Please note that this adapter is ONLY required when using a 5-Pin MHL Cable and the above devices. This adapter is NOT REQUIRED when using a 11-Pin MHL 1.2+ Cable.

Watch your movies and games on the big screen!

Utilising the advanced Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) via the Micro USB port on the Samsung GALAXY S II smartphone, you can now enjoy all your Samsung GALAXY content on any HDMI-compatible display in resolutions up to 1080p. The HDMI output simply mirrors the display on your smartphone just as you've always wanted :)

Setup Instructions

  1. Connect the MHL Adapter onto your 5-Pin MHL Cable
  2. Plug the Male MHL Adapter end into your device
  3. Connect a HDMI Cable to the Female HDMI Socket on the Adaptor
  4. Using a Micro USB to USB (Type-A) Cable, connect the Micro USB end to the Adaptor, and the regular USB end to a powered USB socket (found on most flatscreen TVs), to power the adaptor
  5. Once connected and your TV is turned on, the device may vibrate or make a noise to acknolowdge the connection

Important Note:
For MHL output to HDMI, your MicroUSB cable (included with your phone) must also be connected to the USB female socket provided on this adaptor. You can then connect the other end of your USB cable to any USB port (like on your TV or Computer). The USB port does NOT need to be a powered, so once this connection is made, you will have full Mirrored output!

Check out this video demonstrating the amazing quality of the HDMI output:


  • Cable Chick's 5 Year Warranty!
  • MHL Adapter (5-Pin to 11-Pin MHL Socket Adapter)
  • Mirror your devices screen to your big screen TV via HDMI (requires a 5-Pin MHL Cable, sold separately)
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p Digital Video & Audio (supported resolution depends on connected devices)
  • Compatible with all HDMI enabled TV's
  • Colour: White
  • Phone & MHL Cable not included (MHL Adapter only)
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5 years

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