Published on 28th Nov, 2013 by Cable Chick

Product Launch - Slimline Aluminium Folding Tablet Stand

Product Launch - Slimline Aluminium Folding Tablet Stand

We take a look at Cable Chick's newest universal tablet stand to see why it's this years favourite stocking-stuffer gift idea.

Metal Folding Tablet StandThe latest product to land at Cable Chick is this trendy universal tablet stand, and it's lined up to be a favourite accessory this Christmas season. With the rise of tablets in the market and the recent release of the iPad Air, plenty of us will be looking for a place our new (or old) tablet can call home. And this might just be the one!

The stand itself is made from four pieces of cleverly-shaped aluminium, each one finished with that speckly silver texture that's lightly textured. At each tip and on the key contact points with the tablet, there are grey rubber bumpers and feet which grip both the tablet and table top.

When folded open and sitting on a flat surface, the stand offers convenient drop-down/-pick-up access to your tablet. With no charging socket or docking cradle to line up on, you'll never be left fumbling in the darkness when your hands are full. But that doesn't mean you're without any charging ability at all. In fact, regardless of which model tablet you own, the accessible nature of the stand allows for a charging cable to be run underneath for easy access to power or data sync. Looks and works great anywhere from your office cubicle showing stock trends to on the kitchen counter showing the latest recipes.

Our test unit was a little stiff to begin with, but loosened up with its first use. There were also some protective plastic coverings on some of the rubber bumpers which we didn't notice at first, but otherwise the stand is extremely easy to use and sturdy enough that were were never concerned about the safety of our tablet. The only thing that's missing is a clasp to keep the stand firmly together when folded for travel, but it does come with a felt storage bag instead.

Check out the full specs and more photos here:

Looks great anywhere!

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