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SCART Coupler / Adapter (Female to Female)

SCART Coupler / Adapter (Female to Female) (Photo )

SCART, once the king of analog standards. The Americans pretty much missed out on the standard completely, while it reigned supreme in Europe during the 80s and 90s, and here in Australia we saw the connection standard pop-up on high-end consumer TVs, early Foxtel boxes and professional broadcast monitors (commonly referred to as PVMs or BVMs).

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SCART, once the king of analog standards. The Americans pretty much missed out on the standard completely, while it reigned supreme in Europe during the 80s and 90s, and here in Australia we saw the connection standard pop-up on high-end consumer TVs, early Foxtel boxes and professional broadcast monitors (commonly referred to as PVMs or BVMs).

However, you weren't here for a history lesson. In fact, you're likely on this very page as you've struck upon the same SCART connection problem that so many have before... and that is, that most SCART cables and adapters always terminate with a male plug connection. With SCART extension cables vitrually non-existant, this little SCART Female to Female Coupler becomes an essential tool to connect one SCART plug to another, for completing some of the more complicated AV connections.

So that's exactly what this little adapter does!  It functions as a gender-changer adapter, so that two male SCART plugs can be joined.

So what's with the SCART format?

SCART is an AV connection standard largely adopted in Europe and more widely throughout the world for the transmission of higher quality analog video and audio signals. The 21-Pin connector is able to carry a multitude of popular analog AV signals, including Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, RGB and RGBS for use with PVMs (Professional Video Monitors) and similar broadcast quality equipment.

On a consumer level, SCART was often found on higher end TV's from Europe along with VCR's, DVD recorders, set top boxes (STB) & Foxtel boxes etc throughout the 80's and 90's.

RGB SCART and retro gaming cables

More recently, SCART cables have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their ability to get the very best picture quality from retro game consoles like the Sega Master System, Mega Drive and Saturn, and the Super Nintendo + N64 consoles. Retro gaming enthusiasts have discovered that these aforementioned consoles from the 80s & 90s were capable of outputting very high quality RGB Video signals compatible with RGB SCART equipped TVs and professional broardcast monitors.  To get the very best RGB video signals from these consoles you'll need a SCART cable with the specific Multi-AV plug for each console which you can find in our Retro Gaming Cables section.

SCART Coupler Specifications:

  • Cable Chick 5 Year Warranty!!!
  • 21-Pin SCART to SCART Coupler (Female to Female SCART Adapter)
  • Essential for joining almost any two SCART cables together
  • Colour: Black
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
21-Pin SCART (Female)
Connector B:
21-Pin SCART (Female)
Retail Packaging

(5th Jan, 2011)
Product Review by Patanjali,
Start Quote We had recently purchased a couple of Astro MixAmp headphone amplifiers with Dolby Headphone. These enable listening to surround sound without blasting the neighbours. They have both coax and optical inputs, but our TVs only have optical outputs. Therefore we needed to split the optical output from the TV. The TOSLINK Splitter (Digital Optical Splitter) works perfectly with our latest model Samsung 3D TV (PS58C7000), providing both of us with high fidelity, surround sound, with no crackles or pops. Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Paul,
Start Quote As Chris’s review states, it’s a really good bit of gear, and works flawlessly for my needs. I have a Blu-ray and DVD player, both of which I run into the optical splitter, then I send it into the only input on my amp. It saves me swapping over all the time and doesn’t lose audio quality. I’d recommend it. Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Chris,
Start Quote The TOSLINK Splitter (Digital Optical Splitter) is exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to hook up my XBOX 360 to my receiver and a set of 5.1 headphones at the same time. I ran the optical out from the XBOX to the single input side of the splitter, then two optical cables from the splitter, one to the receiver and the other to the processor box on the headphones (Tritton AX360’s). This way I can leave the receiver off and just listen through the headphones, or leave the headphones off and just listen through the receiver or if I’m feeling really adventurous, both at the same time! It’s not cheap (even at the discounted Cable Chick price) but I’ve certainly paid more money for much less useful chunks of plastic in the past, it does the job and saves me manually switching the optical in from the receiver to the headphones whenever the family is asleep. Start Quote
Posted: 21st July, 2008
Question: Although this product is designed to split one signal to two different devices, can it be used to allow two different inputs to share the one input on my amp providing I only use one input at a time?
Answer: "Yes, this product will work for that application."
Posted: 22nd May, 2009
Question: Hi, I also had the same idea for this piece of equipment. If I connected two PCs to the one amp, would I be able to use them together or will it have awful interference?
Answer: "They wouldn't work together, you would only be able to use one at a time."
Posted: 12th June, 2009
Question: How many times could I potentially split the optical signal before it wouldn't work anymore?
I'd like to split a toslink output from a bluray player to at least four or five amps..?
Answer: "Once is the most you should split an optical signal using a passive splitter such as this and this can vary depending on the length of you cabling as well."
Posted: 1st Oct, 2009
Question: Hi, can the Toslink splitter split an optical signal from the source ie CD or DVD TV etc to two seperate amps - could both amps be used at the same time or just one amp playing the split signal from the same source?
Answer: "Hi, due to the nature of digital signals you can only run one amp at a time. Simple digital signals such as TOSLINK require a "handshake" between the two devices to agree with each other and if there is more than two devices shaking hands can get rather difficult."
Posted: 27th May, 2010
Question: Hi, can I take the optical output signal from my TV and the optical output signal from my PVR through this Toslink splitter to my amp at the same time?
Answer: "You would be able to connect both devices to the Amp using this splitter but only one would work at a time."
Posted: 23rd Sept, 2014
Question: Can I use this so I can use my sound bar and wireless head phones at the same time,is there any loss in signal. thanks?
Answer: "Yes, this splitter would allow you to run both units simultaneously. There can be some instances where introducing a splitter like this can cause signal degradation where one or both receiving devices to stop working, and it can be hard to predict when this might be the case. It depends on the equipment and cable length as much as the quality of the splitter itself. To avoid all possible problems with signal loss, a powered splitter is required:"
Posted: 18th May, 2015
Question: Will a optical splitter box allow me to get audio from my new sound bar from my DVD player as the optical cable is already being used from TVs to sound bar and someone suggested a optical splitter box would work?
Answer: "If your DVD is connected to the TV via HDMI, and then the TV to the Soundbar via Toslink Optical, you don't need to run a second optical cable from the DVD to the Soundbar, as it will be feeding audio via the TV already. If this is not the case, then a splitter will allow the audio to go two places at once, so long as the source output is strong."
Posted: 22nd Feb, 2024
Question: Hi, does this and the male to male scart cable display RGB or RCA? Thanks!?
Answer: "Yes, this adapter has all 21 pins connected and can do RGB, composite, component etc."

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