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Protected by 5-Year Warranty
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable

Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable (Photo )
Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable (Photo )
Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable (Photo )
Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable (Thumbnail )
Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable (Thumbnail )
Pro Series 5m 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable (Thumbnail )

Subwoofer Y Cables - that's why!

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Subwoofer Y Cables - that's why!

Big Subs, little Subs, even medium Subs. They all need clean signals to be fed from your Amp; but not every Amp will have the outputs your speakers need get get rumbling, which is where a high quality 5m Pro Series 1 RCA to 2 RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable comes in. For high-end subwoofers with two RCA input channels running from an Amp with a single RCA output, you'll be able to hook up all the sockets with a single Y cable.

Perfect for use with Subwoofers which have dual inputs running from a single Sub Pre-Output on your AV Receiver (Amplifier). As most amps only have a single output for the subwoofer and this cable breaks the signal into 2 so you can connect to both inputs on the sub-woofer.

Features & Specifications

  • Cable Chick 5 Year Warranty
  • Hard 24 carat Gold Plated Connectors for the very best possible Connection
  • High Performance 99.96% Oxygen Free Cable
  • Durable Metal connector moulds for a firm grip
  • Perfect for Digital or Analog signal transmission
  • Thick Cable Jacket for minimal loss of sound quality
Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
1x Gold Plated RCA (Male)
Connector B:
2x Gold Plated RCA (Male)
Black with Silver & Gold Connectors
Cable Type:
5 Metre 1RCA to 2RCA Subwoofer Y-Cable

(25th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by David,
Start Quote Everything was good. Order was received in a timely manner and there are no complaints about the product. I would also like to add that you are the only distributor in Australia that I could find that carries RCA Sub Y cables. I look forward to doing further business in the future. Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Michael,
Start Quote Within 16 hours, my new cables came from interstate exactly as described. The RCA connecter cables were superior in quality to those of a similar price point avaliable from major electrical outlets. In fact, just to say that they were superior is an understatement. They were not even in the same league. The cables external sheathing was many times thicker than the normal store product. My background is Physics and I usually only care about the signal quality but the great thing about these cables is that they'll satisfy the most discerning customer - They look great too! The connecters were a more secure fit, and had clearly been designed properly so that the external part of the connector doesn't become conductive, an all too common fault with other leads. Now I do not have the problem of static electricity from my carpet turning my subwoofers on and off when they are in standby mode! No worries with these connectors. It felt good to plug them into my equipment. I will never buy from a major electrical outlet again. Ever! Thanks Cable chick. You actually fixed my subwoofers! Cheers, Mike Start Quote
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Customer Testimonial
"As usual, my order was processed really quickly and I received my cables in no time.....far less than one business day....well done Cable Chick!"
Juan, QLD

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Customer Testimonial
"Hi there, We were very happy with the products and delivery by cable chick. I have already recommended your services to many of my friends and will definitely consult Cable Chick for all our future cable and related needs."
Ann-Marree, VIC
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