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Protected by 5-Year Warranty
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours)

Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours) (Photo )
Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours) (Photo )
Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours) (Photo )
Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours) (Thumbnail )
Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours) (Thumbnail )
Pack of 100 Adhesive Cable Labels (5 Colours) (Thumbnail )

Organise your wired world!

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Organise your wired world!

The need to effectively label your cables is never truly apparent until either: A) you have a fault or B) you want to add or change something. And this goes for everything from your home theatre or office right up to the massive patch panels they have at the telco hubs.

Fortunately, with a pack of 100, you're good for a long time and a lot of cables - even if you're doing both ends. Think of all the hassles you'll save your future self if you pre-lable all of your in-wall wiring. Think of the ease at which you can unplug cords from your powerboard when you know you're not going to plunge the recording DVR into darkness. Think of the time saved by never having to trace a cable through a cabinet ever again!

With 100 labels (20 per colour with 5 colours per pack) you're free to colour code as you please and choose between two attachment methods to suit your needs. Glossy paper with vibrant inks mean no signal interference and high visibility - useful on all cable types! Suitable for the professional installer or the average consumer.

Amazing things sticky paper can do:

  • 5 year Cable Chick Warranty
  • Pack of one hundred (100) adhesive labels
  • Designed to work with all cable types
  • Two installation methods (see additional picture)
  • Method 1 supports cables ~7mm in diameter
  • Method 2 supports cables ~24mm in diameter
  • Helps Identify Cables
  • Organises Cable Installations
  • Ideal for Home Computer, Office, Home Theatre and Network cables
  • Paper construction will not degrade data transmissions
  • Pre-cut shape with finished edges for a clean look
  • Not designed to bundle multiple large cables - try here instead
  • 5 Bright Colours (20 Labels each): Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

*Note: No cables are included with this pack of ties.

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Customer Testimonial
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