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Protected by 12-Months Warranty
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A)

2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) (Photo )
2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) (Photo )
2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) (Photo )
2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) (Thumbnail )
2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) (Thumbnail )
2-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) (Thumbnail )

General purpose USB charging for the whole family!

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General purpose USB charging for the whole family!

Charge one or two devices at the same time with this handy and stylish and 2-port USB wall charger! Now you can connect a couple of smartphones, or a high power tablet, and have them ready to juice up your devices so you can continue text messaging, music streaming and Candy Crushing.

This is a smart USB charger unit with 2.1a total power output for charging your new iPad, and with over-current protection to keep your devices safer while hooked up to the mains socket. It comes with an Australian standard two-pin plug suitable for your home or office, and orients downward (the photo you see is upside down!) for all your Type-A USB cable connecting needs.

Please note: This charger has a 2.1a total output, and is not suitable for charging multiple iPads tablets at once. Two smartphones however can be charged together.

If you're looking for something more powerful  to charge multiple high powered tablets and devices at the same time, then check out the premium 5-Port Avencore 40W Desktop USB Smart Charger.

Which USB Charger is right for me?

We've made choosing the right USB charger for your needs easier. With high power-draw devices like iPads and other tablets now requiring 2.1Amps of power, the below reference will help you to select the best products for your required usage:

Finally, to maximise the charging speed from your USB charger, be sure to use a high-grade, thick gauge USB cable like our Avencore Micro USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Cable or our 1m USB 3.1 Type-C Cable.

Product Features

  • Single Australian power plug
  • Two USB outlets for charging and powering USB devices
  • Over-current protection (12.50W @ 220V AC)
  • Blue power status indicator
  • Slimline design

Technical Data

  • Voltage Rating: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 5.25v +/- 0.25v
  • Output Current: 2.1A max (total)


  • 12 Month Cable Chick Replacement Warranty!
  • Suitable for charging a tablet, or several smartphones (2.1A total output)
  • Charge one high-draw device, or multiple standard devices at once
  • Suitable for home or office
  • Colour: White

Note: Device is not rated to charge multiple 2.1A high-power devices like the iPad4 simultaneously. For full-speed charging on these devices, please connect them one at a time. However, multiple low-power devices can be charged at full speed simultaneously.

Note: Charging multiple iPads at once results in s trickle-charge, and can lead to overheating of the device in high temperature environments which may engage a safety cut-off. Cable Chick recommends one iPad at a time.

Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
2x USB Charger
Output: 5V / 2.1A

There are no customer reviews yet for this product.
Posted: 5th August, 2015
Question: Hi
When charging an Ipad Air with the 4-Port USB Wall Charger (2.1A) can I also Charge a samsung galaxy 5 phone and an Iphone 4s at the same time without trickle charging any of these devices?
Answer: "The 2 phones will charge simultaneously no problem but adding the Ipad air will slow all 3 down to trickle charge as it is a high-draw device."
Posted: 2nd Nov, 2015
Question: Hi
Could I charge a Fitbit Surge alongside my Android Nexus 4 using the 4-port wall charger?
Answer: "We think so. The Nexus 4 official charger supplies 1.2Amps, which leaves the same amount again for the Fitbit Surge (which we couldn't find a amperage rate for). Based on the battery and or previous experience, we think they would charge quite well together.

If in doubt, check the output Amps on the power pack which came with your devices. As long as the total doesn't exceed 2.4Amps, then they should both charge up at full speed when connected to this wall charger with regular USB cables."
Posted: 12th Nov, 2018
Question: Hi can I charge an IpadcPro and an iPhone 6 at the same time?
Answer: "No, this device has a combined output of 2.1A across both USB ports so while it can charge 2 x smartphones at the same time, it will only be able to charge a single tablet at any one time due to it's higher power draw requirements."

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