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2-Port DVI Switch Box

2-Port DVI Switch Box (Photo )
2-Port DVI Switch Box (Photo )
2-Port DVI Switch Box (Thumbnail )
2-Port DVI Switch Box (Thumbnail )

Select between two DVI-D source devices to show on a single display (one at a time), or switch a single source to show on two screens (one at a time).

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Simple solutions are the best.

Select between two DVI-D source devices to show on a single display (one at a time), or switch a single source to show on two screens (one at a time).

I've known people that have suffered through using inappropriate displays for important work just because of the hassle and potential problems with constantly swapping cables over to alternate panels. Don't be daft! It's a easy as using this clever little DVI-D switch!

But simple to use doesn't mean light on features. This particular DVI-D switch is fully reversible, so instead of switching your computer video between two monitors, you can instead switch one great monitor between two computer video outputs!

It can handle WUXGA (1920x1200) easily, which includes full HD 1080p, plus full HDCP pass-through and easy push-button manual switching!

Input & Outputs:

  • 2 x DVI-D Single-Link Digital Video Inputs (Female)
  • 1 x DVI-D Single-Link Digital Video Outputs (Female)
  • Reversible - split one input to two displays (one at a time)!

Awesome features include:

  • Cable Chick 12-Month Warranty!
  • Suitable for devices with a DVI-D connector
  • DVI-D Digital Video only - no audio or analogue video pass-through
  • Apple Mini-DVI and HDMI compatibility via adapters (not included)
  • Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 30 mm
  • Colour: Black
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
No. Inputs:
2x DVI-D Single Link Digital Video
No. Outputs:
1x DVI-D Single Link Digital Video
Switch Method:
2 Push Buttons
Remote Control:
Retail Box
Switch Type:
2-Port DVI Digital Switch Box

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Posted: 17th Dec, 2006
Question: Is the switch box manual or autosensing/remote controlled?
Answer: "It is a manual switch box with 2 buttons for switching between sources."
Posted: 6th May, 2007
Question: I need to connect a Powerbook G4 laptop and a PC to an apple cinema display and be able to change over easily, will this do the job?
Answer: "Yes, this device is designed specifically for switching between two different DVI devices.

However in some cases Apple computer systems use a special Mini-DVI plug which will require a Mini-DVI to DVI adaptor to connect to most standard DVI enabled products."
Posted: 16th June, 2007
Question: I would like to connect 2 computers to a 23" Apple Display (1920 x 1200 resolution). The computers are a Powermac G4 (Radeon 9000 video card) and a 2-year-old G4 Powerbook (can drive a 30" screen to 2560 x 1600). Can the 2-Port DVI Switch Box switch at up to 1920x1200 pixels?
Answer: "Yes, our 2-Port DVI Switch will handle the WUXGA (1920 x 1200) Resolution you require on all ports."
Posted: 25th June, 2007
Question: Can this device connect one computer (with DVI out) to two monitors?
Answer: "Yes, this device will enable you to connect one DVI enabled computer to two Monitors and switch between.

If you wish to have the output duplicated to both monitors at once (instead of switching), you will require a DVI Splitter."
Posted: 7th March, 2008
Question: Is this Switch HDCP compliant?
Answer: "Yes this Switch is fully compliant with HDCP."
Posted: 11th July, 2008
Question: Is this switch okay for switching between a monitor and a 106cm HD Plasma TV (using the required HDMI-DVI adaptor)?
Answer: "Yes this switch will work for that application remembering that you will only get video through the HDMI-DVI adaptor, not sound."
Posted: 12th Nov, 2008
Question: Is this High Definition TV capable? or is it just SD TV?
Answer: "Yes this box supports full 1080p HD resolution."
Posted: 30th April, 2010
Question: I need to connect 2 computers to one monitor with the computers sending out male dvi cables and one female adapter on the back of the monitor

does this box have 2 female and 1 male dvi adapters?
Answer: "Hi,

The box that you are inquiring about has -

Input 1: DVI-D Female Digital Video.
Input 2: DVI-D Female Digital Video.
Output 1: DVI-D Female Digital Video.

However, if you needed to convert any of these plugs I would suggest you use a DVI adaptor to turn a male to female.

Posted: 17th June, 2015
Question: Is this Dual Link or Single Link Only?
Answer: "Single-Link only. 1920x1200 max resolution"
Posted: 13th June, 2016
Question: Hi, I Have a ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card with DVI-I (dual link) - 29 pin combined DVI outs. It looks much the same as DVI-D plug. Will my DVI-I work with this?
Answer: "Yes. Your 2600XT can output both DVI and VGA from its DVI-I socket, so there's no trouble using DVI-D cables and this DVI switch box to run DVI-D monitors."

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