Cable Chick Help Centre - General Information

Cable Chick Help Centre - General Information

Got a question about our products, their origins and how we test them for quality assurance? Look for your question below and click to get the answer!

General FAQs

General Information - Answers

General Information - Answers

What brand are your cables?
Unless specifically stated in the product description, our cables are generic, non-branded products manufacturered to the same specifications (and sometimes in the same factories) as branded products. You might consider these generic cables to be 'Cable Chick' brand, but we often change suppliers and manufacturers when seeking better price-to-quality ratios, so there may be some variation between cables and their abilities over time.

Where are your cables made?
Our cables (and other products) are regularly sourced from Australian suppliers and direct from manufacturers. With few exceptions, almost every mass-produced cable in the world comes from China (even the big brands). But that doesn't mean they aren't of a high quality. Our manufacturing specifications, testing standards and warranties ensure you won't get stuck with a dud cable.

Does Cable Chick make/build Custom Cables?
Unfortunately, Cable Chick is a retailer, so we don't have the facilities or skills to make up a cable. We might be able to suggest an adapter or two, but if it's custom lengths, special colours or specific gauges you need, we can't help you. Sorry!

Do you test all your products?
While we can't test every one of the tens of thousands of cables we sell each year, we do make sure to test a sampling of every new product to ensure that it meets our expectations of design, build quality and performance. We test all of our products on a consumer-level Home Theatre and Windows PC hardware, and can warrant our products for home and office use only. If you're looking for products which can handle industrial/commerical applications or extreme environments, please talk to us first.

Can I get technical support before I make a purchase?
Yes! We pride ourselves on giving expert advice on all manner of home and office cabling topics, with a strong focus on ensuring you get the right products for your needs - especially if that means offering a cheaper solution. If you'd like to contact us for help on choosing the right cables and accessories for your needs before making a purchase, or need technical support at any time afterwards, we'd be happy to hear from you! Just visit our Contact Us page.

Did we forget something?

If you have further questions, require special attention, or are in need of technical help, please talk to us directly via phone or the enquiry form (both found on the Contact Us page). We'd love to hear from you and help out as best we can for all your home theatre solutions.

Don't forget you can always talk to us face-to-face by visiting our warehouse & retail office!

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