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Pro Series 5m S-VHS Male to S-VHS Male Cable (GOLD Connectors)

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5m Pro Series S-Video Cable
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This Pro Series 5m S-VHS (Male) to S-VHS (Male) Cable, also know as S-Video to S-Video cable transmits a high quality analog video signal from one S-Video compatible device to another, offering a connection quality between the basic Composite Video & high-end Component Video. S-Video is probably still one of the most widely used video connection interfaces. It is used frequently on TVs, DVD players, TV-out compatible computers and retro gaming consoles.

Why use High Quality Cables?
You should always consider using higher quality audio & video cables in the following situations:

1. When your cabling may be subjected to other electrical interferance. This includes environments where many cables run side-by-side, or where cables pass close by powerful electrical equipment (eg. amplifiers, unsheilded speakers and large screen TVs). Better quality cables offer much better sheilding against interference.

2. When using long cables, there is an increased likelyhood of signal loss. Consider using a high quality cable when distances of 5 or more metres are involved.

- Cable Chick 5 Year Warranty!!!
- 24k Gold Plated Connectors for the best possible connection.
- 99.96% Oxygen Free cable for low noise & high dynamic images.
- Colour:  Blue Cable, Silver Pugs with Gold Connectors
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
S-VHS Male
Connector B:
S-VHS Male
Blue Cable, Silver plugs with Gold Connectors
Cable Type:
5m Pro Series S-VHS Male to S-VHS Male Cable

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