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Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter)

Maximum features, minimum size.

Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter) (Thumbnail )
Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter) (Thumbnail )
Avencore USB Powered 3-Way TOSLINK Splitter (1x3 Optical Splitter) (Thumbnail )

Conveniently powered by any USB source or a USB power adapter, this TOSLINK splitter duplicates your TOSLINK optical audio source, sending it to three TOSLINK-enabled devices simultaneously! The integrated chipset processes the digital audio signal, ensuring maximum signal strength and crystal clear audio tramsmission.

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Duplicate your TOSLINK digital audio signal to send to different devices!

Avencore's ultra-compact Digital Optical Audio (TOSLINK) Splitter duplicates a single source out to three identical streams for simultaneous connection to multiple sound systems or headphones. One input and up to three outputs can be connected at once, and each is boosted to full strength via USB power.

TOSLINK optical audio is a great way to route audio around your home theatre or personal computer, but often it's a one-to-one affair, forcing you to swap cables around when you want to connect up your wireless headphones or send audio to your surround sound system. With a three-way splitter, you can send optical audio to several TOSLINK-ready devices at once.

Great for sending audio from your TV to the receiver and a pair of headphones at the same time, and also very handy for games consoles to ensure audio is always ready to go for speakers, headphones and recording all at once.

Offers full support for digital audio up to and including Dolby 5.1 Surround, 2-channel LPCM, Dolby DTS and Dolby-AC3, and is plug-and-play compatible. Easy to tuck away behind bulkier equipment for always-on operation. All you need is a spare USB socket or USB wall charger socket for power (not included).

Inputs and Outputs include:

  • 1 x TOSLINK Optical Input
  • 3 x TOSLINK Optical Outputs

In the Box you get:

  • 1 x 3-Way Toslink Splitter Unit
  • 1 x Mini-USB 5-Pin Power Cable
  • 1 x User Guide

This sleek device features:

  • 12 Month Cable Chick Replacement Warranty
  • Avencore 1x3 Powered TOSLINK Optical Splitter (1-In to 3-Out)
  • Support for most signals carried by TOSLINK including Dolby 5.1 Surround
  • Not Compatible with Dolby Digital Plus - Devices that use Dolby Digital Plus are only supported if they have another output format to choose from.
  • Active signal repeating, run up to 25m - 30m depending on cabling quality
  • 1m USB to Mini-USB Power cable included - USB Wall Adapter sold separately (DC5V)
  • Super-compact Toslink gadget!
  • Colour: Black
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
No. Inputs:
1x TOSLINK Input
No. Outputs:
3x TOSLINK Outputs
Switch Method:
Splitter (Duplication)
Remote Control:
Retail Box
Switch Type:
3-Way Optical TOSLINK Splitter

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Posted: 20th Oct, 2014
Question: So if i use this device for my tv ill have to plug it from tv out to this device in ,then from this device out il plug it into hifi in and from this device il want to plug it into a DAC optical in and from DAC out into my hifi. does the sound be heard from hifi and headphones simultaneously or only one at a time?
Answer: "All three outputs run at once, so sound will be heard simultaneously if all receiving devices are turned on. If you only want one device to have sound at a time, a switch will be required"
Posted: 19th Jan, 2016
Question: I have my soundbar which is optical. But I want to connect my foxtel and playstation to it. Will this suit my application where it's 2 different inputs and 1 speaker output. Obviously I wouldn't play them at the same time. One would always be off?
Answer: "In this case, you have multiple inputs and only a single output, so instead of a splitter, you'll need a switch - search for "Powered 3-Port TOSLINK Switch". It comes with a remote control so you can easily choose which device you're listening to. It allows both the Playstation and Foxtel box to be active, but only one audio stream will reach the soundbar at a time."
Posted: 3rd Feb, 2016
Question: I have a Panasonic TV with 1 optical out port that I am using to connect my LG wireless soundbar. The TV has 3 HDMI input ports. My question is, will an optical splitter enable me to connect wireless earphones while still connected to the soundbar? Or is it one or the other at any one time?
Answer: "An Optical Splitter such as our Avencore USB Powered 3-way Optical Splitter (product code: AVC-SP503) will allow you to have both your LG SoundBar and your headphones connected at the same time with both devices receiving signal simultaneously.

Alternatively, our Powered 3 Port Toslink Switch w/remote will allow you to switch between whether your SoundBar or your headphones are receiving signal (product code: SW1003)."
Posted: 18th May, 2016
Question: Will this introduce any audio delay to the signal?
Answer: "No. Because this merely duplicates the signal, there is no perceptible delay in transmission."
Posted: 29th May, 2023
Question: How do you change from one output to another without taking cable out?
Answer: "This splitter provides a duplicated signal to all outputs simultaneously and cannot be configured otherwise. If you require the ability to send any input to one output at a time with device selection, search for our "Toslink Matrix""

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