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Protected by 12-Months Warranty
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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100% Australian Owned & Operated

Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz)

Send any of 4 inputs to any of 2 screens with this HDMI True Matrix Switch!

Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Photo )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Photo )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Photo )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Photo )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Thumbnail )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Thumbnail )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Thumbnail )
Avencore HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switch & Splitter with Remote (Supports 3D+1080p@60Hz) (Thumbnail )

Simultaneously switch and/or split up to four HDMI source devices to display on either of two connected displays.

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Professional quality HDMI Matrix switch at an affordable price!

Simultaneously switch and/or split up to four HDMI source devices to display on either of two connected displays.

Whether you're equipping a home theatre with TV and Projector, fitting a shop with the latest in point-of-sale displays or planning to set a club up with video running round-the-clock, the Avencore 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch / Splitter will take the headache out of wiring and control logistics. With the ability to take up to four HDMI inputs and share them between two displays in any configuration, you can ensure gap-free disc changing or push-button component swapping in a multitude of situations.

Simply plug in all your inputs and outputs, switch them on, and use the included remote to tell which devices go to which televisions - whether it's sharing or splitting, you'll be getting the absolute best in Full HD 1080p and 3D HDMI v1.3 and HDCP v1.2. It's the easiest way to manage a multi-device HDMI network!

Finish that off with a rugged metal case, non-slip feet, Gold Plated connectors on all ports and a 12 month Cable Chick replacement warranty, and you've got a complete, professional package at a bargain price.

Please note: Due to content protection issues, this product is not compatible with AppleTV. Compatibility with FOXTEL IQ2 has been confirmed as of May 2016.

In the box, you'll find:

  • Avencore Full HD 1080p 4x2 True Matrix HDMI Switch/Splitter with:
  • 4 x HDMI 1.3 High-Speed Inputs
  • 2 x HDMI 1.3 High-Speed Outputs
  • Wireless IR Remote Control
  • 240v Mains Power Adapter
  • User’s Manual


  • 12 Month Cable Chick Replacement Warranty
  • Switch easily between any four HDMI sources, shared between two HDMI displays
  • Full HDMI 1.3 compliance
  • HDCP 1.2 compliance
  • VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA/UXGA, HDTV up to 1080p resolution
  • Up to 1920x1200 Resolution in 3D
  • Can be used for DVI-D Switching with adaptors or HDMI to DVI Cables (not included)
  • Black metal casing
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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
No. Inputs:
4x HDMI Inputs
No. Outputs:
2x HDMI Outputs
Switch Method:
IR Remote Control & Manual
Remote Control:
Avencore Retail Box
Switch Type:
4x2 True Matrix HDMI Switch (HDMI v1.3 / HDCP 1.2 Compliant)

(3rd Dec, 2015)
Product Review by Shannon,
Start Quote Hi there, I recently purchased a "High-end Full HD 1080p True Matrix 4x2 HDMI Switch with Remote", which works very well and easy to setup. What you should be commended on, is the speed in which you can despatch an order. This particular order arrived to me within several hours of placing the order (same day) - well done! I've ordered many things from Cable Chick, for both personal use and work and you've never picked an order incorrectly - so a great DIFOT statistic (delivered in full on time). Start Quote
(7th Jan, 2013)
Product Review by Shane,
Start Quote Very happy with our purchase. We ordered our HDMI 4x2 Matrix unit just before the Christmas/ New Year period in the hope we might get it before our holidays. To my surprise, it was here within around 48 hours. Wow! Very impressed! The functionality is easy to use and works perfectly with my MyStar Pay TV. I also appreciate the quality of the unit and can be sure that this new gadget I have at home will actually last the test of time. Thank you once again for a great product! Start Quote
(1st August, 2011)
Product Review by Michael,
Start Quote This high quality unit has been a worthwhile addition to my home cinema. Seamlessly allowing the switching between devices, outputting them to either my HD TV or Projector as required. The unit itself is a quality finish, and can easily be integrated and controlled with smart remotes such as the Logitech Harmony. Each source can be easily sent to either or both of the connected displays, a feature which high end amplifiers typically do not allow for. Now I can output the cinema display to a HD TV in a separate room, or on a separate display, without having to purchase blu-ray players for both. I would highly recommend this product for those seeking to add that extra level of customisation to their home media setup. Start Quote
(10th May, 2010)
Product Review by Mitch,
Start Quote Thank you for such a great product! It really exceeded my expectations in quality and next day delivery¬Ö wow!!! At 15m the quality needs to be there, with this cable the picture at the receiving end is as good as if the cable was only 1m. Great job Cable Chick! Start Quote
Posted: 3rd June, 2008
Question: Will it output 1080P/24?
Answer: "Yes, this 4x2 Matric switch will certainly support 1080p/24 & 1080p/60."
Posted: 6th Oct, 2008
Question: Does it have an optical or coax audio out for sending audio to a seperate amplifier?
Answer: "No this is just a HDMI True Matrix switcher."
Posted: 9th Feb, 2009
Question: Do each of the outputs independently support different resolution/standards simultaneously? e.g. an LCD 1080p large screen monitor and an SXGA projector operating together?
Answer: "Yes, this is supported by the switch."
Posted: 9th Feb, 2009
Question: Can each of the outputs independently connect to any of the 4 inputs ?
Answer: "Yes"
Posted: 13th July, 2009
Question: Is the remote via Infra Red?
Answer: "Yes it is."
Posted: 19th Feb, 2010
Question: What is the maximum length of HDMI cable the unit will support out of the outputs. Will the unit support two displays off each of the outputs via HDMI splitters?
Answer: "Around 15m but you will need to use a high quality cable to ensure this will work. It should support the use of splitters but as with any multiple connection setup you run the risk of signal degredation."
Posted: 3rd Sept, 2014
Question: Will there be any problems if I'm connecting to monitors that only take DVI via DVI-HDMI adapters?
Answer: "The only limitation will be in resolution, as DVI-HDMI adapters top out at 1080p. Also, DVI does not carry audio, so that information is ignored by the adapter."
Posted: 6th May, 2015
Question: Although you say this SW2112 wont work with foxtel...have you tried it? my current cheap hdmi switch works fine with foxtel, chromecast and apple tv?
Answer: "Foxtel offer multi-room support at an additional cost. Depending on the age and type of Foxtel box you own, devices which can split the HDMI signal out to more than one display at a time may be detected and blocked."
Posted: 8th Oct, 2015
Question: I was wondering if the hex IR codes are available anywhere for this device?
Answer: "Unfortunately the IR commands are not something we have access to. Only devices like learning universal remotes can capture and re-use the IR commands from the included remote."
Posted: 3rd April, 2018
Question: Hi,
What are the dimensions of this unit, please.

Thanks Mick?
Answer: "190mm x 90mm x 22mm."
Posted: 5th Jan, 2021
Question: Just to confirm, this will allow variable outputs from different sources? Eg, input 1 on output 1 and input 3 on output 2?
Answer: "That's right. Any of the four inputs can be directed to any of the two outputs, including duplicating content."

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