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Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio)

Convert & downscale 1080p HDMI content to analog AV

Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Photo )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Thumbnail )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Thumbnail )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Thumbnail )
Avencore USB Powered HDMI to AV Converter (CVBS Composite Video + Audio) (Thumbnail )

Avencore's miniature video converter makes it easy to convert HDMI contend down to CVBS Composite Video and Stereo audio.

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Simple digital to analog AV signal conversion for compatibility with your old equipment.

This tiny unit converts FROM a HDMI source TO composite video + 2RCA stereo audio for use with older TVs.

Avencore have done it again, this time with a handy down-scaler which can get old TVs working with newer source devices like DVD & Blu-Ray players. Don't throw out your old composite video CRT just yet!

Supported HDMI input resolutions range from 640x480 right up to 1920x1080p/60Hz, which are then down-scaled to standard definition CVBS composite video. The unit is powered by the included USB cable, and both PAL and NTSC output formats are selectable via a switch on the converter box for maximum compatibility with both AU/EU and USA TV sets.

Accepts Full HD resolutions up to 1080p / 60Hz with audio, this converter will safely down-scale the incoming digital signals to analog video and audio. In our own tests, we found this unit can operate without USB power, instead using the HDMI 5V supply (if available).

Please note that small text may become illegible when converted down to standard definition, especially when downscaling from a 1080p source. This means all converters of this nature are more useful for live action video but a bit rough for video games and computer programs.

Please note: HDMI to Analog (digital to analog) Converters are not compatible with Apple TV, Foxtel, Austar and similar Pay TV services due to HDCP copy-protected HDMI content.


  • 1x HDMI (Digital Video & Audio) - Female


  • 3 x RCA AV (Composite Video + L & R Audio) - Female

Package Contents

  • HDMI to CVBS AV Converter Box
  • Mini-B 5-Pin Power Cable
  • Compatible with all HDMI Cables
  • User Manual

More features include:

  • 12 Month Replacement Warranty!
  • Converts Digital HDMI Video + Audio to Composite Video + 2 RCA Analog Audio
  • Small form-factor & USB Powered for convenient installation
  • Ideal for using new equipment with older TVs, projectors or other displays.
  • Downscales digital video & audio from 1080p to analog audio & video (PAL or NTSC) output
  • Works on either HDMI power (passive mode) or USB power
  • Colour: Black casing

Please note: This product is NOT COMPATIBLE with copy protected content available through the iTunes store on AppleTV devices or protected Blu-Ray content, etc.

This product does not include and HDMI cables or AV cables, but we have a range of lengths available separately for you to complete the connection.

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Posted: 15th Dec, 2014
Question: Will this converter work to convert the HDMI output of my Apple TV to a compsit inoout on my older projector ? I dont want to out out Apple contact, rather just output video and picture content I stream to my apple TV from my home PC - will that work or is all content outputed from the Apple TV (including non apple content) HDCP copy protected ? Thanks?
Answer: "Unfortunately not. Apple TV's minimum requirements include a digital link between the Apple TV device and the display. None downscalers we've tested are able to get around their content protection. This is the same for Foxtel."
Posted: 3rd Feb, 2015
Question: Hi
What power adaptor for the USB/Mini-B 5 pin cable do i buy as there are various types as i have discovered on another matter. Also which side of the cable goes into the device - the USB side or the 5 pin side.
Answer: "The Mini-USB 5-pin plug goes into the converter for power (the socket is labelled and visible in the product photos). The other end of the USB can be attached to any available USB socket in your TV or to a standard USB wall charger such as or (DC 5v 1A is all the converter needs)."
Posted: 29th April, 2015
Question: Will this work with a Chromecast on an older style analogue TV?
Answer: "We haven't tested this device on Chromecast ourselves, but it should work for any content that isn't protected by HDCP or similar content protection."
Posted: 14th July, 2015
Question: Will this converter respond when the volume is adjusted on the TV?
Answer: "The volume control on the TV changes only the volume of the TV's speakers. No information travels back to the converter. However, if the TV's speakers are the only ones active in the system, then your volume will change accordingly."
Posted: 7th Sept, 2015
Question: G'day! Will this converter work with just audio. I'd only need it for audio - not with video?
Answer: "Yes, simply leave the CVBS video socket unconnected, and the converter will continue to output stereo audio. Alternatively, consider product code SW5191 which offers both digital audio up to 5.1 channel and analogue 3.5mm stereo audio output simultaneously."
Posted: 8th Nov, 2016
Question: Good Day Sir,
will this work if I connect it to Iphone or Ipad (Not Apple TV) using lighting HDMI connector ?
Answer: "Some content should come through, but any protected content would not be converted. Also, the very low resolution of Composite AV would mean most text would not be legible because it is so small on the iPad and iPhone."
Posted: 13th March, 2017
Question: I don't have a question, but someone asked you 2 years ago if the HDMI to AV converter (SW4161) works with Chromecast. I just received mine and it works a treat, no problems whatsoever. Hope this helps?
Answer: "Thank you for letting us know!"
Posted: 10th April, 2017
Question: Will it work with a xbox360 to a pc?
Answer: "Probably not. This device converts HDMI (eg Xbox360) to analog AV, which most PC's do not understand, unless you have a special capture card which can understand the analog video signal. This device is generally used for connecting a newer HDMI device to and older analog TV."
Posted: 9th Feb, 2019
Question: How do you get the IQ3box too your vcr?
Answer: "Unfortunately the IQ3 will not send signal through any digital to analogue converter, as no analogue system meets HDCP (copy protection) standards.

At least you can record a fair amount of footage to watch later."
Posted: 1st May, 2020
Question: Does the usb cable come with this product?
Answer: "Yes, the converter does come with a USB power cable supplied."
Posted: 2nd Dec, 2021
Question: I have a 10+ year old Samsung TV, which we're retiring to another room. I also have an old DVD player that I want to connect to it. The DVD player has male red, yellow, white connection RCA (?) connections at both ends of the cable but the TV doesn't have inputs for those. However, the TV does have HDMI. Can I use this to connect the DVD player to the TV so that I can watch DVDs on that TV?
Answer: "No, for this connection you will need to opposite converter as you converting from Composite Video to the HDMI input on your TV. You can view our Composite Video to HDMI Converter on our website via the link below:"

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