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4-Port Firewire 1394A PCI Expansion Card for Windows PC

The easiest way to add FireWire to a desktop PC.

4-Port Firewire 1394A PCI Expansion Card for Windows PC (Photo )
4-Port Firewire 1394A PCI Expansion Card for Windows PC (Photo )
4-Port Firewire 1394A PCI Expansion Card for Windows PC (Thumbnail )
4-Port Firewire 1394A PCI Expansion Card for Windows PC (Thumbnail )

Because USB and FireWire will never get a long together, the only way to add a FireWire connection to your computer is to add an expansion card. This PCI card boasts 2 external 6-Pin, 1 external 4-Pin and 1 internal 6-pin FireWire 400 sockets, and automatically installs drivers under all modern Windows systems.

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Easy access to all your FireWire devices.

Installs into a Windows-based desktop computer to add three FireWire 400 6-Pin sockets and one FireWire 200 4-Pin socket. Requires a spare 'full-length' PCI slot and moderate computer knowledge to install. Not suitable for Laptops or Micro-ATX/ITX small form-factor cases.

Few technology standards burned as bright or faded as quickly as FireWire. Especially on Windows-based personal computers, support for Firewire has almost disappeared on both motherboards and cases. But the camcorders and external hard drives which relied on FireWire for high-speed data transmission were built to last, so supporting them on modern computers is important - especially if you need to salvage irreplaceable footage or files before you buy new gear.

Fortunately, this low-cost PCI expansion card can add much-needed FireWire support to your personal computer. As long as you have a spare full-size PCI slot and know your way around the inside of a PC, this card can be installed in minutes. Drivers are automatically supported under Windows (from XP up) so no special effort is required to get it going.

You can then work with all types of FireWire devices at up to 400Mbps, including 9-Pin connectors by using an adapter cable (sold separately).

Note: Some video streaming devices like camcorders with a DV output will need a suitable third-party application for viewing live feeds. No software is included with this expansion card, so please be sure to investigate any additional requirements your hardware might have before purchase.

Fast Features:

  • 12 Month Cable Chick Warranty!
  • 3 x IEEE 1394A (FireWire 400 6-Pin) Sockets
  • 1 x IEEE 1394A (FireWire 200 4-Pin) Sockets
  • 3 External sockets, 1 Internal socket
  • Runs at up to 400Mbps
  • Supports 9-Pin devices at 400Mbps max with adapter cables (not included)
  • Internal socket can be connected to Front Panel IO (if available)
  • For use in desktop computers with a spare PCI slot
  • Automatically detected and supported by modern Windows systems (XP and up)
  • Includes 80mm mini-CD driver disc (not required for UPNP systems
  • Colour: Black PCB with Silver faceplate and sockets.
Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
3 x FireWire 400 6-Pin (IEEE1394A)
Connector B:
1 x FireWire 200 4-Pin (IEEE1394A)
Cable Type:
Internal PCI Expansion Card
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