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240v Mains Power Usage Meter

Save money on your power bill with this helpful Power Monitor!

240v Mains Power Usage Meter (Photo )

Find out how much money your appliances cost to run with this helpful 240v Power Cost Monitor. Diagnose your most expensive gadgets or discover what devices are staying on standby when you don't need them to.

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With ever-increasing power bills driving up the cost of living, it can be hard to know where to focus our money-saving efforts on. Is it the TV on standby that's soaking up all the juice? Or is the fridge running constantly because the thermostat is shot? Finding the source of the problem can be tricky if you don't have a Power Monitor that can keep a watchful eye on power draw 24/7.

This handy Australian Mains 240v Power Cost Monitor is a testing instrument you can use to determine the power consumption and running cost of an appliance or group of appliances in real-time. It can be easily programmed with your actual kilowatt-hour energy price, and give you running and cumulative tallies of cost over time.

Just plug the Power Monitor into the power outlet, and then an appliance into the Monitor is using, and see instant feedback on watts, volts, frequency and cost. The Power Monitor has vrious readout modes offering a wide variety of statistics on power usage. A single appliance can be attached, or a power board can be connected to test the cost of a combination of devices (Like PC, Monitor, Printer & Modem combined). There is a 10 Amp load limit, however, so larger appliances should be tested one at a time.

Product Features

  • 12 Month Cable Chick Warranty
  • 240v Power Meter and KWH Cost Alanyzer
  • Measures energy use & calculates power costs
  • The large LCD display shows voltage, current, power, power used & cost
  • Simply connect any appliance to the Power Usage Meter's 240v Socket

Product Specs

  • Operating Voltage: 240v / 50Hz
  • Curent: Range: 10 Amp Max
  • Power Range: 0-2760W
  • Power Accuracy: +/- 5% or +/- 10W
  • Power Frequency Range: 45-65Hz
  • Voltage Range: 240v
  • Voltage Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • One 240v AC Male to One 240v AV Female
  • Includes 3x 1.5V LR44/AG13 Batteries
  • Colour: White
Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Power Usage Meter
1 x Aus 240v Mains

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Posted: 4th June, 2015
Question: Hi,

The AUS power grid can range from 210 - 270 (+for spikes). I know this says it 240Volt, but what range does it actually measure. It would be a fairly silly design to cap it at 240Volts.
Answer: "The manufacturer only states 150v to 240v as the operational range. It has no further details on tolerances exceeding these numbers, and certainly does not function as a surge protector."

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