Cable Chick's 2022 Price Freeze

2022 has been a tough year for our cost-of-living, with prices soaring for fuel and everyday essentials. We ran a promotion in March this year which showcased a selection of popular items we had lowered prices on compared to 2021. But we knew we could do more to help our customers fight inflation, and so we are promising a 5-month freeze on prices across all of our current product lines, ending December 31st 2022.

We intend to achieve this price freeze by working with our suppliers, holding more stock (in our new, larger warehouse) and absorbing unavoidable price hikes by taking cost increases out of our margin instead of passing them on to you. We want this to be 'across the board', but there must be some caveats and fine print to protect us against changes we haven't foreseen.

Whenever and wherever possible, Cable Chick intends to hold current 'regular' pricing at the August 2022 values, on all products in every category. In order to ensure we don't price ourselves straight out of business, we have a few exceptions for special cases and changes outside of our control that we can't otherwise absorb.

2022 Price Freeze Terms & Conditions

This initiative is being conducted by, herein referred to as 'Cable Chick'.

  • The Cable Chick 2022 Price Freeze initiative begins at 9am Monday August 1st 2022
  • The Cable Chick 2022 Price Freeze initiative ends at 11:59pm Saturday December 31st 2022
  • Price Freezing is applicable only to our standard 'regular' sales prices and normal supplier RRPs
  • Price Freezing is NOT applicable to temporary 'special' sales prices or Daily Price Crash items
  • Price Freezing is NOT applicable to items which are out-of-stock at the start of the Price Freeze period
  • Cable Chick reserves the right to start and stop additional promotions during the Price Freeze period, which may include lower sales prices on a temporary basis. Any prices which fall during such a special promotion may return back to August 2022 pricing during the Price Freeze period.
  • Cable Chick reserves the right to make price increases above the August 2022 values in cases where a price increase from a third-party vendor or service cannot reasonably be absorbed or mitigated, especially in any case where the difference in price would result in a loss (financial or otherwise) for Cable Chick.
    • This includes instances where additional discounts such as VIP codes or bulk rate discounts would also be a contributing factor to an unsupportable reduction in margin
  • Cable Chick will take all reasonable steps to apply the Price Freeze initiative to every in-stock product. However, in any case whereby Cable Chick must break the promises and intention of the Price Freeze initiative, the decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Items which run out-of-stock during the initiative may not be restocked if they can't be sourced at the appropriate price point to maintain the Price Freeze pricing
  • Sorry, no rainchecks.
  • The terms and conditions set forth for this initiative in no way supersede or diminish any other terms and conditions which form a part of the Cable Chick terms of service, privacy policies or other standards disclosed elsewhere; including, but not limited to the terms and conditions pertaining to: Sales, Returns, Warranties, Review Submissions & Satisfaction Guarantees.

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