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Premium HDMI Extender Over CAT5/6 (HDMI 1080p Signals up to 50 Metres)

Extend HDMI with only a single CAT5/6 cable!

Premium HDMI Extender Over CAT5/6 (HDMI 1080p Signals up to 50 Metres) (Photo )

Extend 1080p HDMI signals via low-cost CAT5e or CAT6 cables. Supports video and audio over a single CAT5e/6 cable when using ATEN EDID technology, or use a second CAT5e/6 cable for DCC bypass and HDCP support. New Model: VE800A

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The most cost effective solution to HDMI extension!

Extend 1080p HDMI signals via low-cost CAT5e or CAT6 cables. Supports video and audio over a single CAT5e/6 cable when using ATEN EDID technology, or use a second CAT5e/6 cable for DCC bypass and HDCP support. New Model: VE800A

Pumping high-definition 1080p video and audio over fifteen metres can be an expensive and sometimes futile exercise. You have to consider your cabling quality, your run length, environmental interference and sometimes easily overlooked things like obstacles or tight bends. These hurdles are not easily overcome by HDMI, and even when they can be, you're running into costly territory. Believe me; I've tried all kinds of crazy configurations to achieve long Full-HD runs, and very little has worked properly!

The HDMI Extender over CAT5 is the simple, faultless solution. I've brought it along to help out everybody else like me who sometimes (or always) needs to get their crystal-clear full-HD multimedia extravaganzas to stretch from source to display even when they're up to 40m apart. This HDMI Baluns transmitter/receiver set hooks up to your equipment via short length HDMI cables, and they talk to each other via either one or two RJ45-terminated CAT5e or Cat6 Ethernet cables. The powered units are good for up to 60 metres depending on your signal type. Check it out:

Transmission Ranges

  • 1080p 3D up to 30M
  • 1080p 2D up to 40M
  • 1080i 2D up to 60M

The added bonus comes when you realise how much easier it is to run shielded or unshielded Ethernet cable through your walls, floors and ceilings than braided HDMI cable – this transmitter/receiver set will save you time, money, and maybe even a little backache! The signal is clear and strong; as good as using a premium 5m HDMI cable directly! It also features a dial for adjusting the equalisation strength to avoid flickering, so you can have a perfect picture at all times.

Make no mistake; this unit was designed for delivering uncompressed HD video and audio over long distances. You won't find this kind of power or clarity at 30 to 60 metres anywhere else! Don't forget to grab some HDMI and CAT5e or CAT6 cabling while you're here!

Package Includes:

  • HDMI to CAT5e/6 Transmitter Unit
  • CAT5e/6 to HDMI Receiver Unit
  • DC Power Adaptors (Australian)
  • Colour: Black


  • 5 Year Cable Chick Warranty!
  • Supported Resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1920x1200
  • Up to 2m HDMI cables on either end supported (shorter is better)
  • Needs only a single Cat5e/6 cable for ATEN EDID technology with video & audio support to 1080p
  • Supports 3D, Deep Colour, DDC* and HDCP*
    *HDCP & DDC support requires second Cat5e/6 cable to be attached
  • Also works with DVI for video-only extension (adapters not included)
  • Please note: this device may not be compatible with Foxtel / AppleTV / Austar devices.
  • Please note: This device requires a direct connection and does not work via network switches/routers/etc
  • Max Power Consumption: 2.2W total
  • Tiny units measure: 9cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Requires: 2 x HDMI Cables & 1 x CAT5e Ethernet Cables (not included)

Cable Chick Tip: This package does not ship with cables. If you need some, we offer HDMI and CAT right here at Cable Chick. Check 'em out!

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HDMI Repeater
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(5th March, 2010)
Product Review by Gary,
Start Quote Thanks for the fantastic service on my recent purchase. Ordered HDMI over CAT5/6 Extender system and cables one morning delivered to Perth the next morning. Have installed the unit and it works perfectly giving full 1080p HDMI over a 20 meter link using cat6e cables. (cables used 1 x 3m HDMI – 2 x 15m cat6e – 1x 2m HDMI - total link length 20M) I would not hesitate to recommend this product or the Cable Chick team service to anyone needing to extend a HDMI link or for any cables in general all components I ordered were of good quality, worked perfectly and were very well packed for delivery. Start Quote
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Posted: 5th Feb, 2009
Question: Are these HDMI 1.3 and HDCP compliant?
Answer: "Yes, this product is capable of HDMI v1.3 and HDCP compliant."
Posted: 14th May, 2009
Question: My house is wired with ethernet cable. I want to be able to watch vlc files stored on a PC on a screen in another room less than 50 metres away. At present I am able to do so using a vga to ethernet converter from the PC and then an ethernet to vga converter at the screen.
Will this product enable me to achieve the same result with HDMI instead of vga?
Answer: "Yes, but you will need two ethernet cables instead of one as HDMI cannot be sent over just the one ethernet cable."
Posted: 7th Oct, 2014
Question: What issues can arise when using this product with Apple TV?

I'm planning on using this device to send HDMI from Apple TV to a projector just over 40m?
Answer: "Protected iTunes content may not make it to the projector. We've not had the opportunity yet to independently test this device with Apple TV to know for sure how it will handle protected content. Many devices like switches, splitters, extenders, converters, and even AV receivers can be blocked by Apple TV due to content protection, but we can't know which ones are affected without testing."

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