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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) + FREE SHIPPING!

4K-Compatible Integrated Booster Chipset!

40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) (Photo )
40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) (Photo )
40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) (Photo )
40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) (Thumbnail )
40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) (Thumbnail )
40m HDMI Cable + Integrated Signal Booster Chipset (High-Speed v1.3c) (Thumbnail )

Active repeater cables are the only way to bust through the bandwidth loss on extra-long cables. This boosted 40m HDMI cable is able to take your 1080p Full HD video and audio further than ever before. Fully tested to carry Ultra HD 4K @ 30Hz!

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40m! Forty meters... Over a... Single... HDMI... Cable... at... 4K/30Hz!

It's not every day a HDMI cable will get me into full Captain Kirk mode, but this is some sci-fi witchcraft right here!

Rated as a High Speed Cable, this boosted HDMI cable is capable of handling up to 4K (2160p@30Hz) video plus audio over it's huge 40m length!

For years I've been chasing a reliable HDMI cable longer than 20m. We'd get samples in from suppliers who promised that their 25m and 30m HDMI cables were fantastic and different to the rest but we were always left disappointed when they arrived and didn't pass our tests. This cable, however, has supassed all our expectations of HDMI.

4K Ultra HD over 40 Metres? Pfft. That's child's play for this amazing cable.

1080p at 60 frames a second is also no problem, even if its coming out of a low power laptop running on battery? The cable didn't even break a sweat. No weird colors or sparkling pixels here! You also get the obligatory CEC, Deep Colour and Multi-channel audio support, but because this cable is directional, we don't recommend it for Ethernet or ARC applications.

It's all thanks the the little box located along the cable. It may contain concentrated Hi-Def pixie-dust, but it's more likely to have a HDMI booster chip inside. It takes the 5v signal present in all HDMI signals and uses it to 'reset' the TMDS channels so it can run longer distances without freaking out. You simply can't run an HDMI cable 40m without one.

HDMI Cable Features & Specifications:

  • 5 Year Warranty by Cable Chick!!!
  • This is a 40m Directional HDMI Cable, with an integrated signal booster chipset
  • High performance High-Speed HDMI
  • Supports HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) for consumer product Compatibility
  • Suits resolutions including 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 2160p (4K) at 30Hz
  • Ferrite bead shielded for optimal EMI and RFI screening protection
  • Shipped within One Business Day!!!
  • May or may not include Hi-Def pixie-dust
  • Colour: Black
Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
Connector A:
HDMI Male (19 Pin)
Connector B:
HDMI Male (19 Pin)
Black with Gold Connectors
Cable Type:
40m HDMI Cable with Signal Boosting Chipset

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Going The Distance - A Guide to Maximum Cable Lengths
Going The Distance - A Guide to Maximum Cable Lengths
Written on 11th Nov, 2013 by Cable Chick
Some cables can run twenty metres. Some top out at five. In this article, we examine the limitations on a variety of common formats, and what the pitfalls are to breaking through the length limit barrier.   [Read More]
Posted: 24th August, 2015
Question: Does this work with a HDMI splitter?
Answer: "Under certain conditions, yes. We would recommend a boosted cable of this length to be connected to the output socket(s) of a powered HDMI splitter (as opposed to the input side coming from a source device). Passive splitters would not be suitable on either end."
Posted: 16th Nov, 2015
Question: If I have to convert from a display port dongle to the 40m boosted hdmi cable, will there be any issues?
Answer: "I can't foresee you having any issues with a 40m HDMI Cable w/ integrated signal booster connected to a DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Cable. However please note, we haven't tested our 40m HDMI cable in this particular scenario so unfortunately we aren't able to guarantee results."

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