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4-Port HDMI Switcher

A great value passive 4-Port HDMI Switcher!

4-Port HDMI Switcher (Photo )
4-Port HDMI Switcher (Photo )
4-Port HDMI Switcher (Thumbnail )
4-Port HDMI Switcher (Thumbnail )

This manual HDMI Switcher lets you select between up to 4 x HDMI source devices to display on a single TV (one at a time), or switch a single HDMI source device between up to four TVs (one at a time). Plus, this passive HDMI switch is a Apple TV & Foxtel Compatible HDMI Switch.

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Stylish 4-Port HDMI Passive Switch Box – Essential tech!

This manual HDMI Switcher lets you select between up to 4 x HDMI source devices to display on a single TV (one at a time), or switch a single HDMI source device between up to four TVs (one at a time). Plus, this passive HDMI switch is a Apple TV & Foxtel Compatible HDMI Switch.

It's all well and good to have a brilliant home theatre set up in your lounge room - but sometimes we can't be there to babysit it when the kids want to plug in their friends' games console or a relative needs to hook up their camcorder. Who wants to spend half an hour trying to set things right again after all the cables have been pulled out and swapped around at random?

That's when you need a simple Passive HDMI switch. At the push of a button, you can toggle between several devices on the one television, allowing for even the most foolproof of component switching without the risk of trial-and-error cable play. To top it off, this device offers bi-directional switching, allowing you to toggle one input between four outputs, or four inputs to one output (one at a time).

It's the easiest way to expand the number of inputs HDMI on your TV or Home Theatre Receiver without adding another remote control to your already well-stocked arsenal.

Choosing the right HDMI Switch

Not sure if you need a manual (passive) HDMI Switch, a Powered HDMI Switch, or a HDMI Splitter? Well our simple guide below should put you on the right track:

  • Switch or Splitter? A HDMI Switch is needed when you only have one display (eg: your TV), and you have multiple devices to connect. Implementing a switch into your setup will let you connect these multiple devices to the switch, then select which one will be displayed.
    A HDMI Splitter on the other hand, is needed for when you have one device, which would wish to display (duplicate) to multiple displays.
    Should you need the advanced function of connecting multiple devices to multiple displays (many inputs, to many outputs), then you'll need a HDMI Matrix Switch.
  • Passive (Manual) Switching vs Powered Switching? We refer to any Switch which is not powered (by USB or a power plug connected to the wall) as a 'Passive' or 'Manual' switch. These Passive Switches a great for compatibility because there's no re-processing of the HDMI signal. The switch selects an input manually, simply passing on the original HDMI signal to a new set of wires. Simple operation, 100% compatibility and cost can be advantages of Passive Switches, but they can suffer loss of signal strength and as such may not work with longer HDMI cables (cables up to 5m are recommended for best results). Additionally, they generally do not include remote control operation as this requires power.
    A Powered HDMI Switch on the other hand re-processes the original HDMI signal, before sending it to the display. This has the advantage of boosting the original signal for transmission over longer distances. Also most powered HDMI Switches include a remote control, so you don't have to get up and push buttons on the switch. The downsides to Powered HDMI Switches can be a higher price, and some compatibility issues on some products, as their makers would prefer you just make a simple cable connection (this includes some Pay TV services). See below for more information on compatiblity...
    What about 'Passive' HDMI Splitters? Due to the amount of power required to duplicate a HDMI signal to multi screens, Passive HDMI Splitters are very unreliable, and so generally all HDMI Splitters must be powered.

So you've established that you need a HDMI Switch (otherwise check out our HDMI Splitters), so what do I need to know about device compatibiliy I hear you ask? As of May 2016 we have tested all of our HDMI Switches and Splitters to be conpatible with Foxtel (as tested on Foxtel IQ2). So Foxtel users can simply choose the HDMI Switch that is right for their needs. For Apple TV compatibility, please see the following Apple TV compatible HDMI Switches (as tested with Apple TV Gen 4):

  • Passive HDMI Switches: 4-Port HDMI Switcher
  • Powered HDMI v1.3 Switches: Enjoy resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz + 3D with our 3-Input and 5-Input HDMI v1.3 Switches
  • Powered HDMI v1.4 Switches: Enjoy resolutions including 1080p/3D and up to UltraHD@60Hz with our 3-Input and 5-Input HDMI v1.4 Switches
  • HDMI True Matrix Switches: While all models work with Foxtel, onyly our HDMI 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch has been tested to work with Apple TV

4K Test: This switch can handle 3840x2160 Ultra HD 4K at 30Hz, but the bandwidth loss through the switch limits the total cable length to under 5 metres when using quality cables, and can reduce it as low at 3 or 4 metres under stressful conditions.

This convenient device features:

  • Cable Chick 12 Month Warranty!
  • 4 x HDMI Digital Video & Audio Inputs
  • 1 x HDMI Digital Video & Audio Output
  • Bi-Directional Switching (1x4 or 4x1)
  • Nickel Plated Silver Connectors
  • Suits all popular output resolutions: 576i, 576p, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p + 4K@30Hz
  • Measures 185mm (w) x 130mm (d) x 35mm (h)
  • Colour: Black with Silver connectors
  • No power required!
  • Avoids common wiring headaches

Because this is a mechanical switch, it is FULLY COMPATIBLE with AppleTV and Foxtel switching to view your programmes on different TVs (one screen at a time)!

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Product Summary & Specifications
Product Code:
No. Inputs:
4x HDMI Digital Video & Audio
No. Outputs:
1x HDMI Digital Video & Audio
Switch Method:
4 Push Buttons
Remote Control:
Retail Box
Switch Type:
4-Port HDMI Digital Switch Box

(30th Sept, 2015)
Product Review by Rodney,
Start Quote My recent purchase was a 4 x 1 HDMI passive switch (press button switch) it works well with my Foxtel iQ3 box whereas other splitters that I tried did not work. Start Quote
(13th May, 2015)
Product Review by Bert,
Start Quote Very happy with the HDMI switch. I was looking for a while for such a switch. I did find one a few months ago that was more hi-tech, with a remote, but ended up being not compatible with Apple TV. Your hard switch is full proof and works very well, albeit sometimes a variable delay when my TV setup box input is tune in (switch position 1); probably more to do with my setup box than the switch. In any case I have configured as follows: INPUTS TV setup box Apple TV WD movie hard drive Laptop OUTPUT HDMI 1 on my TV No more playing around with HDMI cables and AV selection. My wife is soooooooooooooooo happy. Life is now simple! Happy wife = happy husband… :-) Start Quote
(10th Feb, 2015)
Product Review by Noel,
Start Quote Well as I said on the phone never thought possible to be able to display both hdmi and VCRs on one tv screen at push of a button Thanks to cablechick all possible and working good so glad I found your store Will pass on your store to all I can I would like to keep it to myself as the experts said you can t but people do ask how thankyou look forward to keeping in touch Start Quote
(11th Sept, 2013)
Product Review by Glenn,
Start Quote Excellent thanks, product works well switching Foxtel to an outside TV. Start Quote
(30th August, 2013)
Product Review by Peter,
Start Quote The 4 port HDMI Switcher works a dream I can now have my DVD player, Fetch TV and Apple TV all connected to the second HDMI port on my monitor and still be able to connect my video camera when I wish. It makes life so much easier at a small cost. As well as great delivery. Start Quote
(2nd Feb, 2010)
Product Review by Mark,
Start Quote Just wanting to thank you for the great service, and great product. Before buying the 2-Port HDMI Switch Box, I mistakenly bought a similar cheaper product on ebay. It did not work, so I looked at my options with the Cable Chick. Ordering was easy, postage was speedy, and item was well wrapped. Most importantly, item performed exactly as advertised, and my AV problem is solved. Thanks Cable Chick! Start Quote
(25th Jan, 2010)
Product Review by Greg,
Start Quote I received my HDMI switch at 6.30am the day after I ordered it. It was easy to install and use. I couldn’t be happier with the product and also with Cable Chick. It was my first purchase, but I will be back. Start Quote
Posted: 17th July, 2014
Question: Hi, what does it mean by "passive" HDMI switch ?
Answer: "Passive means there are no powered components inside. The switch is purely mechanical, using copper to copper connections for direct data pass-through."
Posted: 27th August, 2014
Question: Hi, can you confirm that this will output from 1 Foxtel box to a tv and then to an av receiver which outputs to a 2nd tv all at the same time?
Answer: "This switcher only links one input/output at a time. It does not split the signal for multiple TVs simultaneously."
Posted: 20th Oct, 2014
Question: Hello, will this switch definately be able to switch my dvd signal between my tv and projector. I can't see in the images two output ports? Thankyou. Janet?
Answer: "Yes, this switch works backwards and forwards. For your application, the DVD player would connect to the socket labelled 'OUTPUT' and your TV and Projector would plug into 'INPUT 1' and 'INPUT 2'. Because this is a mechanical switch, it has no trouble working this way."
Posted: 25th Nov, 2014
Question: Hi, Does this switch also work with Chromecast? I want to use it to switch between Foxtel IQ, BlURay and Chromecast. Will it work with all those devices?
Answer: "Yes. This switcher is totally transparent, and does not process the HDMI signal or EDID handshakes. It's just like manually swapping cables - the Foxtel, Chromecast and Blu-Ray devices will only ever 'see' the display, so there's no compatibility problems with any source devices for 2D 1080p content."
Posted: 2nd Feb, 2015
Question: My Samsung has only 2 HDMI connections which are currently being used. I want to plug in a Chromecast.. will this enable me to do it.. will I need to continually keep switching?
Answer: "Yes, this will expand the number of HDMI sockets available on your TV. To change between connected devices, you just have to push the button which corresponds to the one you want to see on screen. The switcher does the job of 'swapping cables' at the push of a button."
Posted: 4th Feb, 2015
Question: What is the max length cable in then out of the switcher, i want to run 15mtrs from source to switcher then 15mtr to Monitor, i thsi be possible?
Answer: "That would be a 30 metre run of cable without any boosting ability, which is not likely to succeed in most scenarios using regular HDMI leads. For most runs over 20 metres, we recommend a powered switch or splitter such as product SW1103 or SP1122."
Posted: 23rd Feb, 2015
Question: Will connecting a 5volt power source to this unit cause it not to work?
Answer: "There is no facility for connecting power to this switcher. It can only accept and pass through HDMI cable connections."
Posted: 2nd March, 2015
Question: I am looking to buy a spliiter that i can run my ps3 gameplay through a avermedia gl310 capture card however ps3 s are hdcp protected...will this unit work ?
Answer: "This switcher is the push-button equivalent of swapping cables over - it does not split the HDMI signal, and none of our products can 'get around' HDCP. It may be useful in terms of making it easy to choose whether or not the capture card is looped in so you can disable it for watching Blu-ray, but enable it for gaming."
Posted: 7th April, 2015
Question: Can you please send me the width and height of the box so I can check it will fit the space I have.

Answer: "This unit measures 185mm (w) x 130mm (d) x 35mm (h)"
Posted: 20th April, 2015
Question: Hi, just to confirm. I can use this switcher to watch foxtel on two different TVs at the same time?
Answer: "No. This allows one TV to show Foxtel at a time. For simultaneous multi-room playback, please contact Foxtel for a second box subscription."
Posted: 28th April, 2015
Question: Hi i have a need to connect an Apple TV, Chromecast, PC with HDMI out and a DVD/BluRay all being displayed on an HDMI capable projector. I assume all the input devices connect to the 4 inputs and the project to the output ?
Answer: "Yes! That way, each device will become available when its corresponding button is pushed, with its data being transferred to the projector in the same manner as swapping cables."
Posted: 22nd June, 2015
Question: Hi, are there any lights on this 4 port switcher to show which input is currently in use? Can you hot switch from say Apple TV to Foxtel box without turning the Apple tv or Foxtel units off?
Answer: "This Switcher has no powered elements of any kind. Only the position of the push-buttons reveals which input is selected. The function of this switch is the same as disconnecting and reconnecting a cable - if the Foxtel and Apple TV units hot-swap adequately when the cables are manually changed, then this switch will offer a push-button solution to the same task, and pass the signals through the same way. Ie: Any source devices not actively selected will no longer 'see' the TV."
Posted: 22nd June, 2015
Question: Hi, The device has nickel plated connections, will this cause a concern using gold plated connections?
Answer: "Absolutely not. Nickel silver and 24k gold are used interchangeably in plugs and sockets, with both offering good electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance. There are no side effects or chemical interactions when these metals meet, so it's perfectly safe to connect them up.

It's even common to see electronics which use nickel silver plating for the plug chassis and gold plating on the actual contacts - with no problems even in the long term."
Posted: 23rd June, 2015
Question: Hi, Will this work with the new Foxtel IQ3 box?
Answer: "Yes it is compatible with Foxtel IQ3"
Posted: 25th June, 2015
Question: Hi, Do you have the same type as this switch with a remote control?
Answer: "Check out produce code SW1104 - it's a 4-port switcher with remote control. Unfortunately any switch with a remote control needs power from the wall, and contains chipsets which may not play nicely with Foxtel or Apple TV, etc."
Posted: 12th Oct, 2015
Question: Hi Cable Chick, does this item support PS4 as an input device?
Answer: "It sure will. Simply connect a HDMI cable from the PS4 HDMI out to one of the four available HDMI inputs on the switcher. As the unit is passive and purely mechanical you won't have any issues with HDCP."
Posted: 8th Feb, 2016
Question: Hi, i have 3 different tv i connect each tv location to the imput side.if not how as i have a feed by hdmi from a sat dish?
Answer: "Yes. To use the switcher 'backwards' simply attach the displays to the Inputs and the source device (Satellite) to the Output. The mechanical nature of the switch will allow the connections to work in the same manner as swapping cables would."
Posted: 19th Sept, 2016
Question: Hi I've just brought an Apple Lighting Digital AV Adapter so I can connect my iPad to the TV. However I only have one HDMI port in the TV, which has the DVD player connected. Would this switcher help to use both the iPad and DVD player without switching cords. Thanks?
Answer: "Absolutely! You may also consider a remote-controlled switch for extra convenience (product code SW1103), but either option will work to expand the available HDMI inputs on your TV."
Posted: 14th Dec, 2016
Question: Hi, Is 4K@30Hz going to be a problem for a UHD 4k tv? Will I need a different switcher? Thanks?
Answer: "This switch can handle 3840x2160 Ultra HD 4K at 30Hz, but the total cable length must be under 5 metres even when using quality cables, and may need to be as short as 3 or 4 metres under stressful conditions."
Posted: 13th March, 2017
Question: I have four HDMI ports already on my tv but need more. I assume I could connect this device to let's say my HDMI number 4 port and then be able to add four more devices to the switcher for a total of seven devices? And that would work ok?
Answer: "Yes, that's correct. You'd effectively have 7 x HDMI ports in total."
Posted: 21st August, 2017
Question: Can I connect my 3 inputs of Foxtel IQ2 and Telstra T Box and Telstra TV as inputs and just use the "required push button" to select the one I wish to watch at a particular time ??
Answer: "Absolutely. The device is a simple passive HDMI switch allowing you to 'switch' between the desired source you wish to view on the TV."
Posted: 25th Sept, 2017
Question: Hi, I want to be able to switch apple TV and a digital set top box. Can this be done ?

Answer: "Yes, this HDMI switch will work with Apple TV and your STB."
Posted: 5th Sept, 2018
Question: Hi,
Is this compatible with Foxtel IQ3 box?
Answer: "Yes, it is compatible with IQ3. Being a mechanical/passive HDMI switch it simply passes through HDMI signals."

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